American Idol’s HunterGirl reveals where her name came from

Noah Thompson and HunterGirl from American Idol
Noah Thompson and HunterGirl from American Idol. Pic credit: Good Morning America/YouTube

HunterGirl was the only Platinum Ticket holder to ride that honor into the finals when competing on American Idol this season.

She was also one of the only singers this season that didn’t use her actual name when performing and instead went with a nickname that became her stage name.

In a recent interview, HunterGirl revealed where her name came from.

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HunterGirl on how she received her name

HunterGirl did a recent interview and explained where her stage name came from.

Her real name is Hunter Wolkonowski, and she has always said that she didn’t feel that she could use that name as a performer because there was no way that anyone could pronounce her last name on a regular basis.

She also said that her name was not a usual one for a girl, and she was the only girl named Hunter at her school. As a result, she told Hollywood Life in a recent interview that the school’s office workers would often call her “the girl Hunter” or “Hunter girl.”

“I laugh thinking back on it now,” HunterGirl said. “And in talent shows, there would be other guys named Hunter in the competition and ‘Wolkonowski’ they couldn’t get it at all. They’d be like, ‘The girl Hunter. Hunter Girl.’ So I was like, ‘Okay, I guess my name is HunterGirl.’”

Toward the end of American Idol, the judges often joked that she would need to change her name because she was becoming a Hunter Woman.

HunterGirl ready to duet with Noah Thompson

HunterGirl also repeated what Leah Marlene recently said and revealed that there were no egos on American Idol by the end. She said everyone was cheering each other on, and it never felt like a competition.

Also, just like Leah Marlene and Fritz Hager have hinted that they are planning to collaborate together for a song now that American Idol has ended, HunterGirl had plans as well.

“Hopefully. I hope there is a duet that comes out in the future,” she said about herself and American Idol winner Noah Thompson.

“He’s one of my best friends,” HunterGirl said in the Hollywood Life interview, “so it would be really cool to see someone come together between the two of us. Stay tuned.”

Until then, fans can hear HunterGirl’s new single, Red Bird, which has been climbing the charts.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return in 2023 to ABC.

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