American Idol 2022: Reliving every HunterGirl performance

HunterGirl was a favorite from her first appearance on American Idol’s 20th anniversary season. The country singer who worked with veterans by creating songs that helped them deal with their PTSD issues won a Platinum Ticket at the start and flew through to the finals. However, HunterGirl fell a little short and ended up as


American Idol’s HunterGirl reveals where her name came from

HunterGirl was the only Platinum Ticket holder to ride that honor into the finals when competing on American Idol this season. She was also one of the only singers this season that didn’t use her actual name when performing and instead went with a nickname that became her stage name. In a recent interview, HunterGirl


American Idol runner up HunterGirl talks about the message of Red Bird single

HunterGirl entered the American Idol competition as a frontrunner from the start. She was one of three Platinum Ticket holders, and while Jay Copeland made it far in the competition, Kenedi Anderson quit before fan voting began. HunterGirl rode the ticket all the way to the finals. However, she finished in second place, with Noah


American Idol’s HunterGirl releases new single ahead of season finale

The Platinum Ticket holders appeared ready to conquer the world on American Idol this season. While one of them, Kenedi Anderson, quit American Idol, the other two remained and fought into the Top 7. Jay Copeland went home at that point, but released his debut single today. That song, Unlonely, is a dance song that


American Idol’s HunterGirl: What does she do for the military?

The American Idol Top 10 is here and two of the three Platinum Ticket holders are still in the competition. One of those ticket holders, country singer Huntergirl, is enjoying a strong ride and has yet to face the chance of elimination. Not only that, but she also watched one of her original songs rise


American Idol’s Platinum Tickets could backfire on the show this season

Dancing with the Stars introduced something new in its 20th season with the Platinum Tickets. This allowed three singers, one from each audition town, to skip the Genre Round in Hollywood Week and scout their competition. They then got to choose their duet partner for the next round, and most people expected these three singers


American Idol: Who has won the Platinum Tickets so far?

American Idol is getting closer to Hollywood Week, but there is still one Platinum Ticket to give out. As a reminder, this season, everyone gets gold tickets when they move on to Hollywood. However, one singer from each city will get to trade in their golden ticket for a special Platinum Ticket. This ticket will