Amber Portwood says she ‘always’ sees son James despite custody battle with Andrew Glennon

Amber Portwood and her son James Glennon of Teen Mom OG
A lot of Amber Portwood’s fans asked about her son James and she told her fans that she “always” sees him despite her custody battle with Andrew Glennon. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG veteran Amber Portwood told her fans that despite the ongoing custody battle with her ex, Andrew Glennon, she “always” sees her son, James.

Amber insisted that she frequently spends time with her three-year-old son James, despite the barrage of questions she regularly receives from skeptical fans and critics.

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood tells fans she ‘always’ sees son James

Amber took to her Instagram Live a few days ago to connect with her followers.

During her video (which you can watch here), Amber read out loud some of the questions she was receiving from her followers.

One such question read, “Do you see your son often?”

The 31-year-old reality TV star took a different approach than her usual Instagram tirades when asked personal questions about her life.

Instead of going off on her followers, Amber calmly answered the question, albeit seemingly annoyed.

“I feel like that’s a question I get asked every single time I’m on here and I always say the same thing,” Amber said. “Yes, I do. Always.”

In fact, Amber told her fans that she was scheduled to see James the next day when she added, “I see him tomorrow.”

When talking about weekend plans with her fans, Amber revealed that her weekend would consist of spending time with James.

“[My] plans tomorrow are to see my kid,” Amber said in the video.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon’s tumultuous past, custody battles

Amber’s video comes on the heels of her ex and baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, accusing her of abusing drugs while pregnant and recently using meth.

The Teen Mom OG star denied the allegations and in turn, told her fans that she was “staying in positive energy” amid the shocking allegations.

Amber was reportedly distraught and filed for full custody of James after a post by Andrew Glennon on Instagram Stories raised some eyebrows. Andrew shared, then deleted, the message that read, “You hit your baby boy? … Really?!” seemingly implying that Amber hit James.

Amber and Andrew’s relationship ended violently after Amber was arrested for allegedly wielding a machete and attacking Andrew while he held James.

Amid the custody drama, Amber has been promoting her new merchandise line, PortwoodAF. However, the brand received backlash for being “tone deaf” from Teen Mom OG viewers who felt it promotes violence with one slogan on a hoodie that reads, “I’m going to Portwood your a**.”

Amber denied that PortwoodAF is affiliated with violence in any way and told her critics, “My new line #portwoodaf does not condone any sort of violence and comments referring that is so do not belong here.”

“This was a fun project that I made taking different sayings from supporters and started wearing myself at first and now sharing with you,” Amber continued. “Stay positive loves and don’t make misconceptions for what certain things mean.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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