Allison from Black Ink Crew: Sky’s best friend is back but who is she?

Allison at Sky's Her Little Secret boutique
Sky’s best friend Allison shows up in Miami on Black Ink Crew. Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew, Sky is struggling with her new store in Miami and she’s also dealing with some drama concerning her son Des.

In support of her best friend, Allison shows up with drinks to cheer Sky up. As a result, quite a few viewers are asking who is Allison and where have we seen her before?

It turns out, this isn’t Allison’s first appearance on Black Ink Crew. She also made an appearance in 2017 when Sky brought her around and tried to hook her up with Ceaser.

Longtime viewers may recall that it was Allison who Sky introduced to Ceaser during Season 5 after he and Dutchess broke up. They met up at a bar but Sky dipped out to make a phone call and didn’t come back.

At that time, Allison had red hair, not blonde. The consensus from fans was that Ceaser should definitely give her a chance — especially since Allison didn’t work at the shop so he wouldn’t be mixing business with pleasure this time.

Black Ink Crew

It doesn’t look like that worked out, though. We haven’t seen Allison on Black Ink Crew in two years before showing up to support Sky in Miami.

With all the interest in Allison when she does make appearances on the show, it might not be a bad idea to have her appear more often.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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