Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown shows off new truck

Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @mattbrown511/Instagram

Matt Brown loves to keep his Alaskan Bush People fans updated on his life since leaving the show.

While Discovery has seemingly erased Matt from the Brown family, even refusing to mention him after his dad’s death, Matt stays active on Instagram.

While Matt isn’t posting photos like most celebs on Instagram, he posts all his videos there, and he does them all the time.

Anyone who loves Matt Brown will learn all about his new life by following him there.

This week, Matt celebrated with fans after buying a new old truck.

Matt Brown shows off his new truck

It was a tough winter where Matt Brown lives in Washington, with a lot of snow and freezing temperatures.

As a result, it was time for him to treat himself to a new truck.

As most fans would expect from Matt Brown, his new truck wasn’t very new at all, but it made him extremely happy.

The truck was an older blue pickup, and it was running.

“Listen to it, doesn’t it sound good?” Matt asked his fans. “Sure makes me happy. I really like to come out sometimes; I just sit here and I idol it and run the heater.”

The best part was that the heater worked, which would get him where he needed to go in the cold Washington winters.

As he said in the video, he can fix anything else that he needs to, including some wiring that he needs to do, which he said he enjoys.

“It smells good too,” Matt said. “It’s got that old truck smell.”

“Persistence overcomes resistance,” Matt said. “There isn’t anything we can’t conquer by taking the next right steps, by doing the next right thing, and working towards our goals slowly. Nothing really great comes quick is what I’ve noticed in life.”

“The more I have to work for something, the better it is in the long run.”

Matt Brown making his own way after Alaskan Bush People

While Alaskan Bush People has moved on from Matt Brown, the fans haven’t, and he appreciates it.

Matt makes these videos as a part of his road to recovery, and he seems happier and happier every time he posts a new video.

Even over Christmas, where he spent it alone and still estranged from his family, Matt took it in stride and seems to be living his best life.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The series should return to Discovery later in 2022.

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