Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown creating confessional videos for his fans

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @mattbrown511/Instagram

While Matt Brown has not been on Alaskan Bush People for a long time, fans still love the elder Brown sibling and are always looking for more information about him.

The good news is that Matt is giving fans what they want.

He might not be on Alaskan Bush People anymore, not even showing up on the episodes with his own father’s funeral, but he has an Instagram account that he uses to give lots of updates.

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Now, Matt Brown is using the platform to create a series of confessional videos for his fans as he continues his work on his sobriety.

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown making confessional videos

Matt released the first of these videos on November 6, where he sat in a chair and explained what he planned to do with these videos.

He wrote, “I haven’t been doing my recovery or self-improvement videos as much as I would like, so I decided to make an obligation to help me keep on track. A special thanks to all my friends out there for sending so many suggestions for video topics.”

In the video, he showed everyone a bowl with folded-up pieces of paper in it. Each of the papers had a suggestion that fans sent him that they wanted to hear him talk about in addition to the ones he added.

He then said it was part of his recovery process and his continued road to sober living. He compared it to keeping a clean house and described how he would make sure to follow strict protocols to stay clean, and he was doing the same with sobriety.

Matt Brown releases first confessional video for Alaskan Bush People fans

Matt Brown said he wasn’t going to draw out a paper and do it on the spot because that was too much pressure.

Instead, Matt waited two days and then released a recovery video.

Matt opened the video by saying he was doing two things that day, and one of those was going to Loomis to help harvest some potatoes.

However, he wanted to start off by promising to keep his obligation of doing the video since he didn’t want to start off the series by procrastinating.

This video did not include taking a note from the bowel and instead he just talked about recovery.

“My name is Matt and I’m an addict and an alcoholic,” he started. “I have been living in recovery for about three years now and the last time I took a drink of alcohol was on March 20, 2020.”

He went on to say that he felt good about that, but he also felt good about the two years before that where he slipped and relapsed and fell backwards.

“Now, I don’t live like that,” Matt said.

He said he can now wake up on Monday mornings and not hurt.

Matt then went into his feelings about his addictions and the hurt that they caused him. He also described how he followed his steps and is now able to make it through the days.

He finished off by talking about relapse and how it has taught him that he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He said he made this video for those who want to change but have fallen back into their vices because they don’t have the tools to help themselves.

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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