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Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown shows off a new haircut

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: @mattbrown511/Instagram

Matt Brown has been off on his own, making his own way away from his Alaskan Bush People family.

Not even the death of his father could bring him back to his relatives, and he seems to be doing better with himself thanks to breaking away from the reality TV family.

Matt is also making sure that he doesn’t disappear from the spotlight, as he uses Instagram and YouTube to keep in touch with his fans, and they seem to love him even more for it.

In a recent Instagram post, Matt showed off a new haircut, and it seemed to be a hit with his fans.

Matt Brown shows off new haircut

Matt Brown hinted that the haircut was coming back in May when he said that he was going to buy some hair clippers.

Then, this month, he showed off the results, which he wasn’t too sure about. That is because Matt is now bald.

Matt spent the first part of the video with a black hat on, but then he finally took the hat off and showed fans his shaved head.

Matt said it was due to an accident with the clippers, and he called it a “bummer.” Matt also said that he has been practicing acceptance in his sobriety journey and “this thing happened.” He also said he wasn’t sad or upset about it.

“Last night I decided to give them a whirl,” Matt said. “I hook them up and I start cutting … and I took a big ole swath because the clipper head came off on me, so I’ve got a new haircut.”

 He then said he decided to give the “Bruce Willis look” a try.

Alaskan Bush People fans love Matt’s new look

What might have surprised Matt was that, while he called it an accident, fans seemed to like the final result.

“Hello Matt @mattbrown511 That looks good! Now summer can come! I wish you a wonderful and blessed day!” one fan wrote in the comments.

“Hi Matt nice to see you doing well, I must say your hair looks good it won’t take long for it to grow back again I must admit I loved you with curly hair,” another commented.

Matt Brown IG
Pic credit: @mattbrown511/Instagram

“Hi Matt you still look as handsome as ever,” a third wrote.

“Matt you look as gorgeous as ever it suits you xxx 😘 loving the tripod and your hair looks fine,” another responded.

Matt Brown IG 2
Pic credit: @mattbrown511/Instagram

A fifth fan wrote that it “looks like a nice cool summer haircut! Enjoy the beautiful Spring!”

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus.

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