Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown talks about his truth versus the lies

Alaskan Bush People's Matt Brown eating by the fire
Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown eating by the fire. Pic credit: Matt Brown/YouTube

Over the past few months, Matt Brown has become a regular on his Instagram account, using it to touch base with his Alaskan Bush People fans.

Most of the videos are Matt talking about his recovery progress, his life on his own in the Washington mountains, the adventures that he undertakes, and his motivational truths.

However, in his most recent Instagram post, Matt talked about lies versus the truth, and it brought back a lot of memories of when Matt broke away from his family on Alaskan Bush People.

Matt Brown talks truth and lies

For fans who tune in to hear Matt Brown talk about his current adventures and his continued sobriety, his post on Saturday came as a shock.

He was sitting in his living room and started to talk about lies vs. the truth.

In the caption, he let fans know what to expect as he said he was going to bring up things from the past in this conversation.

“This video is about the truth versus lies, and how the truth stays the same, and lies change. I use the events out my past as an example, to show how the truth will set us free,” Matt wrote. “Never give up, never surrender.”

He then went on to make a lot of comments that long-time Alaskan Bush People fans can identify immediately.

Matt mentioned he was taking the day off to relax, be mellow, and let life work itself out. He said that the video would include things from his past because that is what he was taught in recovery.

“At one point in my life, when I hit rock bottom, some lies were told about me,” Matt said. “They were very bad lies and very detrimental to my future, basically. There was a third party that had to decide which side was true – who was telling the truth and who was lying.”

“The liars had put together a story and the story seemed feasible. It sounded possible,” Matt continued. “It sounded better than the truth, actually.”

Matt mentioned the saying that life is stranger than fiction, and that this can often cause people who tell the truth to sound like a liar because people like to embellish. He said this can explain how the truth sounds false.

Matt then took a side detour when he talked about doing some ride-alongs with police in Alaska when he wanted to become a police officer. He said the officers taught him to always tell the truth because the truth will always show through.

“Here I was. The fate of my life hung in the balance,” Matt said. “Truth versus lies, good versus evil.”

He then stopped himself when he said “my truth,” because he said there is only one truth – what happened.

“I knew when I told the truth – if I were to add, remove, embellish anything – that was going to turn the truth into a lie,” Matt explained. “The third party that was judging that was going to be able to tell.”

“So what I did was I went in and told the complete truth, no matter what it was, no matter how bad it seemed, and let that go against their lies.”

Why did Matt Brown leave Alaskan Bush People?

Matt went on to say that he just shoots from the hip, and while the video wasn’t totally to the point, he just wanted to talk about how lies can never overcome the truth, especially if a person never embellishes on it.

This came one year after Matt finally went out on his own and cut himself off from the world. As with everything, he did this on Instagram as well.

“I can’t keep these lies anymore,” Matt said at the time.

He also pointed out that several counselors and rehab specialists told him to get away from the Alaskan Bush People show, which he said was “making me lie all the time.”

There were several negative rumors about Matt when he left, from his addiction problems to sexual abuse claims, and it caused him to release what he called “the truth” in the nine-minute video.

In the video, he revealed the show was forcing the family to lie about who they were, and it all led to his eventual breakdown.

Now, one year later, Matt has released another video about lies and truth, and one wonders if he is just remembering back, or if something new has happened in his life.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The reality show should return to Discovery later in 2022.

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