Where is Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People?

Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People
Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

This season is a tough one for Alaskan Bush People, with the death of father Billy Brown.

However, with all the mourning and the family struggling to deal with the loss, many fans are wondering one big question.

Where is Matt Brown and why isn’t he on Alaskan Bush People right now?

Where is Matt Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

Matt Brown, the oldest son of Billy Brown, left Alaskan Bush People in Season 8.

Matt was having some addiction issues and he left to enter rehabilitation to help him with these issues. This was something that Matt had to do by decree from his parents.

Billy and Ami told Matt that he had to get clean if he wanted to come back.

Radar reported in 2019 that he entered “Betty Ford in Palm Springs area secretly right after New Years.”

“He was on a bender and took action to save his life.”

Matt Brown never returned and he reportedly was cut from the show.

There was news that Matt Brown came back after his father died, and while fans hoped for a reconciliation and for Matt to return to the show, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Matt left shortly after that and then took to Instagram to blast his family and make a lot of accusations that shook Alaskan Bush People to the core.

What happened between Matt Brown and the Alaskan Bush People?

In the Instagram video, Matt Brown said he was going somewhere that had no memories.

He accused his parents and Alaskan Bush People production of giving him cocaine, which caused his addiction problems. He said that Billy kept all the money made from the show and kept it from his kids.

Matt also said that the production crew asked the Brown family to lie about how they lived. He said he didn’t leave the show because he was forced to. He said he left because he was tired of lying about his family’s lifestyle.

Matt says his family had a generator, television, and used electricity occasionally.

Matt admitted that his brother Bear Brown doesn’t back up his allegations.

For Matt Brown, things are improving in some ways.

In March 2021, Matt posted a video that said he was sober for a full year at that point.

He posted a video a month before that where he said he had no money and hardly anything to eat but was living off the land.

Matt is still keeping his fans updated on his life, and even had a few short videos this month, where he updated people on the harvest and most recently one where he built a sled.

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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2 years ago

Good luck matt. Keep your head up always and remember there is always tomorrow. I am proud of you standing up for yourself.

Daniel Fraher
Daniel Fraher
2 years ago

You’re a good guy Matt just keep going forward don’t think about the past it’s over with

Thomas W. Toombs
Thomas W. Toombs
2 years ago

Congratulations for being drug/alcohol clean for a year. I believe what you say about how you became drug dependent. Proud of you for recognizing your need for help. Sorry for the loss of your dad. Stay safe and be happy.

2 years ago

Finally, one that is honest about the whole Brown series on Discovery.