Alaskan Bush People’s Matt and Gabe Brown have their own plushies

Matt and Gabe Brown from Alaskan Bush People and the plushy versions of themselves
Matt and Gabe from Alaskan Bush People and their plushy “Mini Me” versions

Alaskan Bush People stars Matt and Gabe Brown have plenty of adoring fans — and now they even have their own plushies!

The pair were turned into miniature versions of themselves by craftwoman and jeweller Jennifer, who regularly shows off her creations on her Instagram page.

Plushy Gabe — who has curly hair and sideburns just like the real-life version of himself — recently made an appearance in a video by Alaskan Bush People fan Samantha Gray from New Zealand.

She recorded the song as part of singing competition which she took part in against Gabe’s sister Rain.

Watch to the end to see Gabe make his appearance.

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For those interested, Rain won the singing challenge, despite Sam having help from plushy Gabe.

Rain and Gabe’s brother Matt was the first to get turned into plushy form by Jennifer, when he was first introduced on her Instagram page the day after Halloween last year.

She then chronicled what he got up to over subsequent months.

Gabe made his first appearance for the first time earlier this year — without any clothes on!

And it wasn’t long until the pair got their own dedicated Instagram account, Matty and Friends.

Here’s Matty and Gabe out and about (scroll through the pictures).

And here’s Matty and Gabe during the summer — in swimming trunks!

Last but not least, here are Matt and Gabe with eye-patches (remember pirate Matt on Alaskan Bush People?) posing with Bear. No, not THAT bear! ?

Do you have any Alaskan Bush People fan art or creations? Let us know in the comments below or in our dedicated Alaskan Bush People Facebook group.

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