Alaskan Bush People Season 8 is on the way: New season release date expected soon

The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People
The Brown family from Alaskan Bush People, who are returning for Season 8

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 is on the way! Fans haven’t seen the Brown family on screen in an official episode since the Christmas special last December, so were starting to get worried Season 8 may have been cancelled.

However, Discovery has not confirmed that is NOT the case, and that the new season is currently being filmed. As we told previously, the Alaskan Bush People family are now living in Washington rather than Colorado as they had planned at the end of last season. They moved there back in February.

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 was scheduled to be released in May, but this has now been pushed back due to a combination of factors. It comes after matriarch Ami Brown was given the all-clear by doctors at the end of last year following several months of gruelling cancer treatment.

Discovery’s Executive Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery, Laurie Goldberg, said the new season had been delayed because the winter in the area filming is taking place had been particularly bad, and longer than usual — meaning access roads were closed.

She also told how both Noah and Gabe Brown had suffered recent health issues, with Noah having to undergo emergency gallbladder surgery, and Gabe suffering from a flu-like illness for several weeks.

She told Radar Online: “The rumors of the cancellation of Alaskan Bush People are totally fabricated and completely untrue. We are filming for the new season as we speak.

First of all, this has been the longest winter in the region where the upcoming season is being filmed. It is incredibly remote and all of the access roads to the area are closed. It really has been the worst winter ever.

Secondly, there have been severe health issues with several members of the Brown family. Noah had emergency gallbladder surgery and Gabe has had an awful flu-like illness for weeks.

Basically every single element that could possibly work against the Brown family and the production of the show has been. But Billy, Ami and all of their children are incredibly excited to be filming for the new season right now, as are we at Discovery.”

The Brown family left Alaska and moved to the lower 48 at the start of last season so Ami could undergo treatment for cancer at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. While there the family lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills.

It had been thought they were planning to move to Colorado, as they discussed in the final episode of Season 7, but they have since moved to Omak, Washington. At the time of writing they were staying at a $500,000 rental property there called The Lodge At Palmer Lake.

It was previously reported that patriarch Billy Brown paid $415,000 for a parcel of around 435 acres of land in the area, part of Okanogan County. Sources suggest that the entire family have been taking part in filming — including Noah, who it was previously thought might be leaving the show, and Bam Bam, who at the end of last year dropped a hint that he may be working on a TV project.

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