Alaskan Bush People: Bird is on the hunt for a bush boyfriend

Bird Brown is looking for the bushman of her dreams this season. Pic credit: Discovery

The Alaskan Bush People are back, and while some moments may be sad, especially since Billy Brown’s passing, there are some fun moments to look forward to.

During the season premiere of the Alaskan Bush People, viewers watched Bird open up about her dating life. The oldest daughter is on the hunt for a man. 

Bird Brown is looking for love

While speaking with Noah, Bird shared that whoever she dates needs to have a deep love for animals, and he can’t mind her strangeness. 

Older brother Noah asked what her pick-up lines would be, and the Alaskan Bush People star got a laugh out of her response. 

Bird shared her lines bluntly, saying, “Hey, I like cats. I live with all of them, and they sleep on top of me like a blanket.”

Bird needs to work on her flirting skills 

After Noah recovered from the humorous response, he shared with his sister that it isn’t that bad living someone noting he lived with his wife and son.

The Alaskan Bush People star shared in a confessional that she had been feeling the pressure to marry, saying, “I don’t know, I’ve definitely thought about it.”

Pic credit: @Discovery

According to Bird, “everyone in the family has been pestering me to find a guy. Mom wants me to have a kid.”

Bird is ready to make room in her life for a man

Bird is not closed off to the idea that her dream man may come along, sharing with Noah that she should find a guy that appreciates that she “hangs bones from a tree like a witch.”

Noah made it clear that no matter how strange someone is, there is someone out there for everyone, joking with Alaskan Bush People viewers that if it didn’t work for Bird, he’d have a shovel for them. 

Rain later popped by Snow’s birdhouse after hearing through the bush grapevine that her sister is thinking of heading to town to troll for men.

Rain told the audience, “I think now that she is getting a little older and the guys are settling down, I think she is kinda leaning more towards that too.”

“She’s tired of kissing frogs, and she wants one to turn into a prince. She needs to get out there and do something about it,” claims the 18-year-old. 

Rain steps up to give her older sister a make-over and accuses her of looking like a “homeless man.”

One day Bird’s prince will come. 

Bird claimed she wasn’t nervous and was going to be herself. But Rain is worried her sister thinks she can just walk into town and find the perfect man. 

While her siblings may believe Bird needs practice, she has complete confidence in herself, telling Alaskan Bush People fans, “I think my prince charming is out there. He’s just not at the Loomis Quick Stop or 80.”

Bird’s love adventure will be a nice change of pace for viewers who are preparing to watch North Store Ranch burn and to witness the sudden loss of the family patriarch. 

Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday at 8/7c on Discovery.  

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2 months ago

I will be her boyfriend

2 months ago
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This is me

Mark J Allen
Mark J Allen
2 months ago

Bird, i will come take care of you. And make you very happy and my wife and future baby momma!