Adam and Reza divorce update: Shahs of Sunset premiere hints at marriage trouble

Reza Farahan and Adam Neely on Shahs of Sunset.
Reza admitted to asking for a divorce from Adam last season on Shahs of Sunset. Pic credit: Bravo

Reza Farahan and Adam Neely divorce rumors are swirling again. The Season 8 premiere of Shahs of Sunset aired last night and stirred up a bunch of speculation about their marriage.

Last season, Reza revealed that he had asked Adam for a divorce on the Shahs of Sunset reunion. The two discussed their issues, and it appeared they were working things out. Now, there are more questions than answers when it comes to Adam’s behavior when Reza isn’t around.

What happened between Reza and Adam on Shahs of Sunset?

The housewarming party for Reza Farahan and Adam Neely was the focus of the season premiere of Shahs of Sunset. They had worked on making everything perfect and invited all of the cast members over to celebrate.

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Days before the party, Destiney Rose met with her friend, Ali. While the two were catching up, he revealed that Adam Neely was sending him several questionable texts. There was even a picture of his man parts that Destiney saw.

Ali revealed he had heard that Adam was playing naked Jenga with men while Reza was out of town.

After discussing the situation with Mike at the party, Destiney decided to talk to Reza Farahan and be honest about things. Surprisingly, he didn’t fly off at the handle when hearing the news. He replied that either he and Adam Neely would be together or they won’t.

Just before the season premiere of Shahs of Sunset ended, Reza Farahan asked Adam Neely about naked Jenga. The conversation continues next week.

Are Reza and Adam from Shahs of Sunset still together?

Despite the hype over the naked Jenga accusations and the pic of Adam’s genitalia, it looks like he and Reza Farahan are still together.

Photos of the two are on Instagram, leading to the assumption the two have not split, and a divorce is not in the cards. Since Reza Farahan mentioned it back at the reunion, it resurfaces from time to time.

There was some hype their relationship will be tested this season on Shahs of Sunset, and cheating accusations between them both have been at an all-time high. After begging Reza Farahan for kids, Adam Neely revealed he wasn’t ready now that his husband is.

Things are going to get tumultuous, and it may not be just the relationship between Reza Farahan and Adam Neely.

Shahs of Sunset airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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