Abigail Heringer reveals how she and Serena Pitt became Bachelor in Paradise best friends

Serena Pitt and Abigail Heringer
Abigail Heringer reveals how she and Serena Pitt became Paradise best friends. Pic credit: @serena_pitt/Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise may not work out for every romantic relationship, but the beach is well-known for churning out life-long Bachelor Nation friendships.

Serena Pitt and Abigail Heringer are just one of these enviable pairs who have stayed close after their time on the show.

Abigail took to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes details of everything the two went through and how it strengthened their bond.

Abigail Heringer and Serena Pitt bonded over food poisoning, breakups, and sharing a bed

Although both Abigail and Serena competed on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, Abigail said it wasn’t until Bachelor in Paradise that they became best friends.

Abigail answered a fan question asking when the two became close over a photo of her and Serena snuggled up in a car.  

“From being the first two girls and sharing a bed every night – we went through EVERYTHING together lmao,” she wrote.

Abigail Heringer instagram
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

“Food poisoning, breakups, you name it lol we went through it.”

Abigail Heringer and Serena Pitt paid tribute to their time on the show while on vacation together

Abigail and Serena recently returned to the place it all began on a joint trip to Mexico with their Paradise boyfriends.

The two paid tribute to their time on the show with a selfie captioned, “My paradise bffl.”

Abigail Heringer and Serena Pitt
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Both Serena and Abigail leaned on one another for support during the highs and lows of their Bachelor in Paradise journey.

Serena hit it off with Joe Amabile right from the beginning but was devastated when his ex-fiancée, Kendall Long, showed up on the beach wanting him back.

Abigail herself appeared to be in one of the strongest relationships with Noah Erb and was shocked when he cut things off right as she was preparing to open up about her feelings.

Abigail Heringer and Serena Pitt talk futures with Noah Erb and Joe Amabile

Luckily, both couples now appear stronger than ever, and the foursome reunited in Tulum, Mexico, for sunning, swimming, and hanging out together at their air-BnB.

Both couples are taking it slow after the show but have opened up about getting serious and taking possible next steps.

Abigail has recently been sparking rumors that she and Noah are planning on moving in together, while Serena and Joe have revealed they are still in the honeymoon phase.

It appears that Abigail and Serena’s relationship is still going just as strong after the show.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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