Aaron Carter claims ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin is leaving him and moving away with this 90 Day Fiance star

A 90 Day Fiance star is caught in the breakup drama between Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin
Aaron Carter and his girlfriend broke up one week after their baby was born. Pic credit:©

Aaron Carter’s relationship with fiance Melanie Martin is over, only days after she gave birth to their child. And interestingly there’s a 90 Day Fiance star caught in the middle of the drama.

Last week, Aaron and Melanie were happily celebrating the birth of their first child together, a baby boy named Prince Lyric Carter.

Furthermore, the singer’s Instagram page indicates that things were still good between him and Melanie three days ago when he posted a photo of his son and added the hashtag #ilovemyfiance.

However, things have taken quite a turn since then because the singer just announced his split from Melanie and revealed that his family played a major role in their breakup.

According to the singer, his now-estranged fiance is leaving him in California and heading to Las Vegas with her friend Carmen Nys. Yes, the same Carmen who appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? as a friend of Larissa Lima.

It’s over between Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin

Early this morning, Aaron shared the surprising news that he and Melanie had called it quits and that his family, with who he’s had issues for a while now, had something to do with it.

“There has been a very big lie and my sister communicating w my ex-fiance ruined everything considering she knew what angel tried to do to me in court thanks angel you ruined my family. God bless,” wrote Aaron on Twitter.

According to Aaron, his ex was in communication with not only Angel, but other family members from whom he’s been estranged.

“I have the most conniving deceiving family and Melanie has been lying to me the whole time communicating with my twin sister and the family members who tried to put me in prison and who tried to get a conservatorship on me in court,” said Aaron.

“I’m in shock…this is horrible,” he added.

Aaron Carter announces split from fiance
Pic credit:@aaroncarter/Twitter

This is a major turn of events from a few days ago when Aaron and Melanie were still blissfully happy about their son’s birth.

90 Day Fiance star involved in Aaron Carter breakup drama

It’s not clear how Carmen got herself involved in this drama but her name was also mentioned in one of the many tweets that Aaron sent out today.

It seems Carmen, who we know lives in Las Vegas, will be housing Melanie and baby Prince when they arrive in Sin City.

“She told me she’s leaving to Vegas with her friend Carmen from 90 Day Fiance,” shared Aaron. “seems she’s had a back up plan this whole time oh and said I’ll never see my son again.”

90 Day Fiance star Carmen caught up in Aaron Carter breakup drama
Pic credit:@aaroncarter/Twitter

Are you surprised to see Carmen’s name in the middle of this Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin breakup drama?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Elaine House
Elaine House
2 years ago

Thats junior dirty. Having his baby then dumping him. His family has always had problems except nick. This is just evil the way this woman and his family did him. Remember karma is a b***h