90 Day: The Single Life viewers speculate that Natalie Mordovtseva had a boob job

Natalie Mordovtseva
Natalie’s boobs seemed much bigger during the latest episode according to many viewers which led to a discussion of a possible boob job. Pic credit: TLC

Many 90 Day: The Single Life viewers noticed that Natalie’s chest in a bikini on the latest episode was much bigger than they remembered and speculated on social media that she had a boob job.

If she did, it would add to the several other procedures she had done, including fat removal and stomach sculpting.

Natalie posted a picture of herself with Mike from four years ago that shows her chest looking much smaller, which is what critics are referencing.

90 Day: The Other Way viewers think that Natalie Mordovtseva had a boob job

Natalie caused an uproar from 90 Day: The Single Life viewers when she strutted around in a bikini and talked about how beautiful and young she thinks she looks in the latest episode.

Her assets in a bikini are what mostly caught critics’ attention who do not remember them ever being that big when she was first with Mike.

A Reddit thread with the subject, “Did Natalie get a boob job?! Her boobs look huge!” got almost 500 upvotes and 300 comments.

One of the top comments read “Definitely boob job. Go back and watch her first season on the show and you’ll see what I mean.”

Someone else added, “And lots of other work, too!”

Another critic scorned, “No work on personality though.”

Reddit comments about Natalie Mordovtseva
Pic credit: @u/altruistic-sun-5785/Reddit

Natalie Mordovtseva posted a picture with Mike Youngquist from four years ago

On Instagram, Natalie posted a picture with Mike from four years ago where they both look much younger and happier.

The photo was referenced in the Reddit thread at one point to reference how much smaller her chest used to be before coming to America.

In the comments of Natalie’s post, there was even a critic who wrote, “wow your breasts really grew lol your lips grew.”

Natalie's IG post
Natalie posted an older picture with Mike on her Instagram. Pic credit: @nataliemordovtseva/Instagram

90 Day: The Single Life viewers would have liked to see Mike Youngquist over Natalie Mordovtseva on the show

In a poll by a 90 Day fan page, fans voted on whether they would have liked to see Mike or Natalie on the show more.

The large majority of fans said that they would have preferred to watch Mike, 63% in fact.

Natalie’s agenda on The Single Life is to find a religious man who doesn’t drink and wants to have kids soon.

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream Sundays on Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Natalie has the worst hook nose it touched her lips. Her personality is deplorable