90 Day: The Single Life viewers react to Jesse sniffing Jeniffer’s panties

Jesse and Jeniffer
Jesse Meester faced wild reactions from 90 Day: The Single Life viewers who saw him sniff the panties Jeniffer Tarazona gave him. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers witnessed a new level of raunchy and gross after they watched Jeniffer Tarazona take off her panties in the cab at the airport and hand them to Jesse Meester who proceeded to sniff them multiple times.

The strange and gross scene was a new threshold of explicit for the 90 Day franchise and one that viewers may not have been ready for.

Whether it was negative public opinion on Jesse and Jeniffer or the sheer odd nature of the scene, The Single Life viewers reacted wildly on social media.

Jesse Meester sniffing Jeniffer Tarazona’s panties grossed 90 Day: The Single Life viewers out

A Redditor started a thread that shared the clip with 90 Day fans.

The clip featured Jeniffer taking off her panties and handing them to Jesse and him sniffing them.

The subject of the thread was, “What the freaky hell, Jesse?”

Alarmed, The Single Life viewers jumped into the comments to share their opinions on the outlandish scene.

The most popular comment read, “And then he touched things in the airport after getting her vag and a** cooties on his hands.”

Another person remarked, “I bet he sniffed [them] during the flight and rubbed them over his face.”

To which someone else added, “He used it as his mask on the plane.”

Reddit thread about Jesse Meester
Pic credit: @fasbytesreality/Reddit

On Twitter, a top meme was created that featured a GIF of someone almost barfing that captioned, “Jesse sniffed Jennifer’s panties MULTIPLE times.”

A fan page on Instagram made a meme that featured a still image of Jeniffer taking off her panties that said, “Peeling off your nasty undies after a wild night.”

Under that was an image of Jesse sniffing the panties that read, “The trash can.”

Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona are still together present-day

Jesse and Jeniffer have continued their relationship since filming ended for Season 2 of The Single Life and Jeniffer has even met Jesse’s parents.

Both of their social media are also filled with mushy pictures of the two of them and their adventures together.

Based on the trailer for The Single Life Tell All, it looks like Jesse and Jeniffer will come face to face with Jeniffer’s ex from Season 3 of Before the 90 Days Tim Malcolm, and disses will be thrown both ways.

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream Fridays on Discovery+.

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1 year ago

I see absolutely nothing wrong with him sniffing her panties. Guys do this all the time. Nothing wrong with this what do ever.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ann

Knowing it’s going to be on TV… discusting pig. That’s kinda a private thing