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90 Day: The Single Life viewers ‘grossed out’ by Debbie Johnson’s make-out scene

90 Day: The Single Life star Debbie Johnson
Debbie and her new love interest got hot and heavy on 90 Day: The Single Life and viewers were “grossed out.” Pic credit: Discovery+

Colt Johnson’s mom Debbie Johnson and her new love interest’s make-out scenes during 90 Day: The Single Life has viewers feeling “grossed out.”

Debbie joined the Season 3 cast of The Single Life, continuing on her journey to find love as she approaches turning 70 years old.

Monday’s episode showed Debbie meeting her online Canadian love interest, Tony, in person for the first time. Until then, they had only conversed via texts and video chats.

After meeting up and enjoying some drinks together by an outdoor fire, Tony invited Debbie up to his hotel room, and she happily obliged.

Debbie confessed that she hadn’t had sex in over a decade, and she was ready to take things to the physical level with Tony, although they had just met.

Tony was equally attracted to Debbie, so when they got to Tony’s hotel room, neither of them wasted any time, and things got hot and heavy between them pretty quickly. The couple ended up on the bed, making out like a couple of teenagers.

90 Day: The Single Life viewers ‘grossed out’ by Debbie Johnson’s PDA

However, although Debbie was pleased with the physical attention she got from Tony, 90 Day: The Single Life viewers were turned off by their over-the-top PDA.

Taking to Reddit following the episode, some 90 Day: The Single Life viewers expressed their disgust.

“No one needs to see this. Ever. And then never. To infinity,” wrote one Redditor who wished they hadn’t watched the make-out session on camera.

90 day: the single life viewers took to reddit to complain about debbie johnson's over-the-top pda session
Pic credit: u/Trash_Trashley/Reddit

Agreeing with their comment, another viewer replied, “I know!!!! I had to look away. Definitely TMI! … For goodness sake, close the door!”

Another viewer claimed they felt physically ill while listening to the sounds: “I was watching this with headphones in and the kissing/moaning sounds made me want to throw up.”

Yet another 90 Day: The Single Life viewer expressed their dismay, noting that they felt bad for the TLC crew who was filming the escapade.

“I feel horrible for the camera-people filming this…..imagine thinking ‘This is what I went to film school for’ 😱,” they wrote on the Reddit thread.

Agreeing with their comment, another penned, “That completely grossed me out!”

Will Debbie find true love with Tony?

After undergoing a major transformation ahead of Season 2 of The Single Life, Debbie was single and ready to mingle. However, despite trying her hand at love previously, Debbie didn’t have much luck, even getting ghosted at one point.

Viewers will have to continue to tune in this season to find out whether Tony and Debbie are the real deal or if it’s just lust at first sight.

Season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.