90 Day Fiance’s Yara Zaya annoyed critics with her Halloween costume and flex

Yara Zaya
Yara’s haters found her Halloween costume and flex that went with it to be materialistic and bashed her for it. Pic credit: Pic credit: TLC

Yara Zaya has been trying hard recently to flex her new car on several occasions and critics noticed she used Halloween as an opportunity to do so again. On top of that, her Halloween costume as a Barbie did not go over well with fans.

Yara has never been shy about her desire to be bougie, and onlookers think she was trying to portray just that when chose to be Barbie and model in front of her new Audi SUV.

On Instagram, Yara was called out by her haters for her being materialistic.

Yara Zaya haters called out the 90 Day Fiance alum for her Halloween costume and weird flex

Yara Zaya has done a lot of flexing with her new Audi lately, which has irritated 90 Day Fiance critics who think that Yara’s materialistic behavior is too much for them.

To top off haters’ disdain, Yara dressed up as Barbie for Halloween and posed in front of the same Audi that has been making onlookers cringe.

One popular fan page called out Yara and Jovi’s choice of costume in an Instagram post.

They shared Yara’s Halloween picture from her page and added the caption, “They both have the personality and intelligence of plastic, so it’s perfect.”

The post received some savage comments from fellow critics who have had enough of Yara.

One person exclaimed, “Wtf! Ken and Barbie! They’re deserve each other……lol.”

Another agreed with the post’s caption and added, “Right I can’t stand them.”

Someone else who noticed the car in the background mentioned, “The CAR though!! (laughing/crying emojis).”

There was another critic who brought up Yara’s Audi that she has been flexing recently being in the picture when they said, “She had to put the car behind Audi is overrated.”

Another onlooker brought up Yara’s and Jovi’s costumes fitting their personality by saying, “Appropriate costumes for sure!”

IG comments about Yara
Yara’s haters gave their two cents on her Halloween costume and flex. Pic credit: @mommysaysbadwordslive/Instagram

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya took part in another Halloween costume that was a big hit among 90 Day Fiance fans

Jovi, Yara, and their baby daughter Mylah wore different costumes before the Barbie and Ken ones they received heat for.

Jovi dressed up as Mike Youngquist while Yara dressed up as Natalie Mordovtseva and Mylah was their pet rat Pulya. They acted out a skit of Mike and Natalie’s memorable differences that went over well with viewers.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.