90 Day Fiance: Yve speaks on Mohamed’s ‘double standards and hypocrisy’

Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yvette Arellano
Yve thinks fiance Mohamed has double standards. Pic credit: TLC

Yve and Mohamed are one of this season’s most divisive couples, and they have been working through problems since Mohamed first landed in Yve’s hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The two have squabbled about religion, culture, and Yve’s friends, who she calls The Squad. The friends feel Mohamed may be too controlling for the free-spirited Yve, and the preview shows the couple debating about possibly having children.

Yve is now speaking out about the viewer’s opinions, and her take on how fans feel about them so far this season.

Yve feels there is hypocrisy in her relationship with Mohamed

In a recent interview, Yve said she is bothered by Mohamed’s hypocrisy on the show and feels he is harsh on her, seeming to forget what connected them on social media.

“As I do as a person in general. I question everything,” Yve admitted, adding, “So when something seems like it’s a double standard or has some aspect of hypocrisy in it, no, that doesn’t sit well with me. And I don’t think it’s fair because just like the bikini thing, you’re upset about that, but you can [post] pictures of yourself [shirtless].” Fans will remember that Mohamed reached out to Yve after seeing a photo of her in a bikini on Instagram.

Yve views Mohamed’s opinions as hypocrisy, saying, “When I feel that there’s levels of double standards or hypocrisy and somebody wants to try to have me follow them and impose them on me, then yes, I’m going to question that.”

She also feels that Mohamed is using his religion to justify his criticism, but then she wonders if he is just trying to control her and using religion as an excuse. “He came here and thought he’s just going to kind of impose this kind of more male-dominated type of like energy or religion [but] I’m a very kind of confident, independent woman, she stated.

She continued, “So you either kind of, like, accept that and begin to acculturate and things like that. Or yes, maybe it’s not going to work if you’re just stuck in those ways and want to be stubborn and not want to grow and understand me as a person and a woman and who I am.” Her sentiments are what The Squad was trying to tell her throughout the season, as well.

How does Yve feel about converting to Islam?

Yve also said that while she was first talking to Mohamed, he did not make it clear whether or not she had to convert to Islam in order to be with Mohamed. “If he was serious that he wanted me to potentially follow the Muslim faith, then he should have said that to me,” she said.

Yve also admitted that their relationship would have never progressed if Mohamed had enforced rules of religion on her. She revealed, “Knowing that I would not convert, that probably could have ended our relationship right then and there if that was conveyed to me and that was never conveyed to me. … I was very clear with him about how I am.”

It sounds like Yve was honest and upfront with Mohamed about what he was getting into if he wanted to be in a serious relationship with her, and that they did discuss the future in-depth, so Mohamed would not be surprised when he arrived in America.

“I’m a professional and I’m not going to quit working. So, don’t expect me to just be home baking cakes and three meals a day, because that’s not probably going to happen. So we did talk a lot about the future,” she revealed.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see where Yve and Mohamed are today in their relationship, or if they decided to end things. “I’m here today just by myself. And so we’ll just see what the future holds,” Yve said.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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2 years ago

Yve is another one of the “beaches” on this season that are idiots! (every one of them are!) These females that don’t learn the guys customs and religious beliefs, make me sick. I totally believe him and I’m sure she talked all different when she was with him before. She doesn’t deserve him!