90 Day Fiance: Will Melyza be able to get over Tim’s past infidelity?

Tim and Melyza
Tim’s past infidelity has been a constant issue for the success of his relationship with Melyza, so if she can’t get over it it will spell the end of their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

Popular 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Tim and Melyza recently appeared on 90 Day Diaries where they spoke about their recent engagement after being together for seven years. Their segment, however, became heavily about Tim’s past infidelity and Melyza’s continued mistrust despite becoming engaged.

Tim cheated on Melyza with a co-worker during one of the long-distance parts of their relationship when Tim was home in Dallas and Melyza was back in Colombia. They have broken up several times over the issue.

Tim has been very apologetic and open about the cheating and its details but it seems like the infidelity is not something Melyza has been able to get past. If Melyza can’t come to terms with it and if Tim isn’t able to quell her fears, then their relationship may be doomed.

Melyza Zeta is having a hard time trusting Tim Clarkson after his infidelity

Melyza’s biggest fear is that Tim will once again feel lonely and get physical urges to cheat on her again when they have to spend more time apart.

Melyza and Tim went to an immigration lawyer during 90 Day Diaries while Melyza was on a six-month tourist visa to find out more about the timetable for the K-1 visa. They were told it could take up to two years, which threw Melyza for a loop because she was expecting it to take six months to a year.

During 90 Day Diaries, Melyza snapped at Tim several times about the cheating and it was clear Tim didn’t have a leg to stand on and that this same conversation comes up a lot.

Tim and Melyza always come back to the same conversation about Tim’s past infidelity. Pic credit: TLC

Melyza Zeta said she doesn’t know why she is still in the relationship with Tim Clarkson

Melyza cried on the phone to a friend after her multiple talks with Tim about the cheating and how they could move on from it.

Her friend said that she can do much better than Tim and she agreed but said she is with him because she loves him but couldn’t give any more reasons.

If Melyza and Tim are unable to put the infidelity behind them and focus on the future without fears of possible cheating if they are separated again, then their relationship is ill-fated.

For Melyza, her future with Tim depends on his ability to stay faithful and prove to her that he has changed. But so far, Tim has not said the right things to make her feel better.

New episodes of 90 Day Diaries are on Discovery+ every Sunday.

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