90 Day Fiance viewers have decided that Ronald Smith carried the last season of Happily Ever After

Ronald Smith
A Happily Ever After viewers described Ronald as carrying Season 6. Pic credit: TLC

One 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewer shared an assessment of Ronald’s behavior and personality during Season 6. The summary cites specific examples from the season and summarizes that Ronald carried the season.

Ronald had some wild on-screen antics and his marriage to Tiffany underwent a ton of stress that created some memorable moments for fans of the show.

Happily Ever After? viewers think that Ronald Smith carried Season 6 in entertainment value

A Reddit thread was started about Season 6 of Happily Ever After? and Ronald’s part in making the season entertaining.

One Redditor shared a review of Ronald’s participation in the season which culminated in the assertion that Ronald carried the season’s entertainment value.

The title of the Reddit thread was, “I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.”

The thread continued with the subject, “Ronald is carrying this season.”

The post explained, “Most of this season of HEA is just the same old stuff. Jovi goes to work and Yara doesn’t like it. Brandon and Julia try and get away from his horrible parents. Kalani parents Asuelu and also continues to have sex with him somehow. Libby and Andrei and company continue to be the worst. Angela abuses Michael.”

Then they made their point about Ronald. They remarked, “But mah boy Ronald? This dude is carrying the season. He’s managing to create quality content by f*****g up in creative ways. Building dungeons, sticking cardboard to the floor, giving your kid a plastic bag, manipulating a kid with a Christmas tree, spending a month’s salary at the grocery store yet eating bologna, and going shopping with a wife and kids while wearing a shirt that says you only care about chicks and motorcycles.”

More Redditors offered their funny opinions on Ronald’s behavior carrying the Happily Ever After? season.

One person commented, “This list is pretty great. He also managed to vape his way through the lawyer’s appointment in a way that was both aggressive AND apathetic at the same time. Like aggressively apathetic? Such impressive ‘range’ for the character!”

Another harped on the cardboard on the floor incident using numbered points.

They contended, “How did he stick all that cardboard to the floor? My theory:

  1. Paint the floor the same color as the walls for some reason
  2. Realize you need something in the other side of the room, but the paint on the floor is still wet. Remain impatient and soldier on!
  3. Throw down random sheets of cardboard like stepping stones, so you don’t get paint on the bottom of your shoes
  4. Use the cardboard like stepping stones to go get your stuff
  5. Leave the cardboard there for hours as the paint dries because who cares?
  6. Success?”
Reddit comments about Ronald Smith
More Happily Ever After? viewers commented on Ronald’s action during the season. Pic credit: @thenextbigbrain/Reddit

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco went through a nasty breakup after Happily Ever After

Ronald and Tiffany are currently broken up and it appears that Ronald’s visa to come to America is not being worked on any longer.

Tiffany and Ronald both hurled public allegations at each other over emotional abuse which culminated in their ultimate breakup. Tiffany went so far as to ask her followers for advice on international lawyers.

They have a young daughter together, and Ronald has been a father to Tiffany’s son Daniel from a previous relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is currently on hiatus.

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