90 Day Fiance viewers fill Emily’s comment section with hateful messages about her behavior

Emily Bieberly
Emily Bieberly was bashed by 90 Day Fiance viewers in the comments of a recent post. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance viewers let new cast member Emily Bieberly know just how much they dislike her behavior on the show by dropping hateful messages on her recent promotional video.

Since the season began, 29-year-old Emily has been put on blast for different actions that the 90 Day community has seen as transgressions.

Emily rubbed viewers the wrong way by wanting to spend a night with Kobe having sex before taking him to meet his son Koban who he had never met in person before.

Viewers have taken aim at Emily for being financially supported by her dad, continuing to breastfeed her son, scolding Kobe during his first interaction with Koban, and kicking Kobe out of bed on his first night.

All of these situations that viewers have seen in a negative light were the fuel to the fire that was in the comments section of her post.

Emily Bieberly faced heat from 90 Day Fiance critics in the comments of a recent post

Emily shared a promotional video on her Instagram page advertizing a night serum she makes.

The comments section lit up with critical 90 Day Fiance viewers who took the chance to give Emily a piece of their minds about her behavior on 90 Day Fiance so far.

One comment read, “Girl you act kinda like a big baby lol, did you not learn about the culture of the man you are going to marry? If you expect him to adjust I think maybe you should learn to be a little more understanding of a different culture and how they are brought up.”

Another viewer with a popular comment simply wrote, “Team Kobe.”

Someone else remarked, “Yeah just a little mean and I get your territorial but yall are both first-time parents and you need to let Kobe participate…hopefully things have changed.”

Another top comment jabbed, “Awful behavior from a supposed mother.”

Yet another 90 Day viewer gave the advice, “You need to grow up little girl.”

Instagram comments on Emily Bieberly's post
Pic credit: @emm_babbyy/Instagram

While Emily did have sprinkles of support on her post, the majority of comments reflected 90 Day viewers’ general disdain for her.

Other Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance cast members have been under fire from viewers

Emily is not the only Season 9 cast member who has facing backlash.

Jibri Bell has faced skeptical critics who think the $28,000 sale of his ripped pants was staged. His wife Miona has come under fire for “blackfishing.”

Kara Bass has been scrutinized for playing up her and Guillermo’s age difference. Mohamed Abdelhamed and Yve Arellano’s relationship has also been projected to be doomed.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Absolutely despicable behavior by Emily & her parents. Kubrick should walk out

2 years ago

Not only is she rude and disrespectful to her man, take your kid off your boobs. Bad look girl, just saying.
Be a lady, be a woman your man will be proud to be around. Someone is gonna get him and treat him right.

2 years ago

Wtf are you to post others names get ready for our lawyer!

2 years ago

You are so rude and controlling. First of all no it’s NOT NORMAL, to have your boobs out pumping in front of your DAD, that’s ridiculous. You also have them hanging out all over the place, put those sagging things away, your behavior is offensive! To hear your GRANDMMOTHER say: “everyone does what Emily says” how ridiculous to hear your own GRANDMOTHER, admit how controlling you are. Put the kid in his own bed and make your man feel welcomed. You are an embarrassment to American women! He should have gone right back to the airport, ESPECIALLY after you disrespected him on national TV… threatening to SLAP him, ordering him to help your mother…you are a piece of work!

2 years ago

Emily you have gone to far saying it’s natural for a woman to flop her boobs out in front of your father and other pumping do you not have any self respect for your self. Apparently not!! This is not normal and it’s also not normal to breastfeed your child in public. Then to top it off you are breast feeding Koran way to long he should have stopped around four months. You are a piece of cake trying to tell koban it’s natural no it’s not natural to breastfeed a child after four months. Then you disrespected koban telling him to go help your mom with dinner why wasn’t your lazy ass not helping her? You are a piece of work.