90 Day Fiance viewers are upset that Varya keeps posting for ‘shock value’ and ‘attention’

Varya Malina
Varya Malina was bashed by 90 Day Fiance critics for making attention-seeking posts meant to bring “shock value.” Pic credit: TLC

Former 90 Day Fiance cast member Varya Malina got negative attention from critics when she announced that she would be joining the US National Guard.

90 Day viewers thought that she just posted that for “attention and “shock value.”

Her Instagram announcement comes as she made a series of posts where she aimed to share big news. All of her postings come as her continued relationship with Geoffrey Paschel has been exposed amid his conviction for his ex-fiance’s aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault.

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Geoffrey faces 8-30 years in prison for the kidnapping charge alone, and Varya has thrown her full support behind him and even begged his supporters for donations.

Varya Malina received criticism from 90 Day Fiance viewers for posting things for ‘attention’ and ‘shock value’

90 Day viewers took aim at Varya posting about joining the National Guard amid a stream of announcements Varya has been making on social media.

One person shared Varya’s Instagram reel and jabbed in the caption, “To become Russian spy? Whats [the] catch here? She is a grifter. Its always a catch.”

More observers jumped in the comment to share their opinions on Varya’s behavior.

One person proclaimed, “Another shock value moment. Anything to stay relevant and get paid on those lame reels she makes. What is she doing? And why? Why always so secretive? Also why is she recording every ounce of what she does. I don’t believe $hit she says. This is to keep people talking, nothing more nothing less.”

Someone else asserted, “She won’t do it, it’s all for attention.”

IG comments about Varya Malina
Pic credit: @truecrime_jankie/Instagram

Geoffrey Paschel was dating Varya Malina while he was with his ex-fiance from his criminal trial

Geoffrey started talking to Varya in January of 2019 and flew to Russia to meet her for the first time in person in July of 2019.

Geoffrey was in a relationship with his ex-fiance in January of 2019 and proposed to her in March of that year.

The kidnapping and domestic assault incident happened on June 19, 2019, which means he went to Russia just weeks after the brutal attack.

Other women have come forward and claimed that Geoffrey had started relationships with them, while the timeline says he was with Varya.

Sentencing for the Geoffrey Paschel trial will be conducted on December 3, 2021.

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