90 Day Fiance viewers are disgusted that the Happily Ever After cast stuck up for Angela Deem

Angela and Michael, Tiffany, and Brandon and Julia at the Tell ALl
Viewers were appalled that the Happily Ever After? cast was on Angela’s side. Pic credit: TLC

Angela Deem caused a lot of controversy during the Happily Ever After? Tell All, and many critics thought she took it too far, which is why they were grossly surprised that Angela’s fellow cast members stuck up for her.

Viewers reacted with disgust on social media over the cast’s choice to side with Angela despite her egregious behavior.

The general consensus was something that Michael also echoed in his closing statements at the Tell All, and that is that everyone is scared of Angela.

Viewers voiced their opinions on the Happily Ever After? cast choosing to stick up for Angela

A Reddit thread was started by viewers who were very disappointed that Angela’s behavior went unchecked by her castmates who witnessed her first-hand verbal assault on Michael and his Aunt Lydia.

Angela has been known to bully her fellow cast members and threaten them when they stand up to her, so the choice for the Happily Ever After? cast members to take her side could have been out of fear.

The inability of any one of the Happily Ever After? cast to speak up sparked a lot of anger among viewers.

The Reddit thread’s subject read, “I knew I disliked almost every cast member this season, but that definitely became cemented when they all stuck up for the vile, abusive human that is Angela.”

Other Redditors jumped into the discussion to agree with the Reddit thread’s subject and add their opinions on why that is.

One person gave the same reasoning as Michael when they said, “At the end of the tell all Michael called it: everyone is scared of Angela. She is a bully and abusive and no one will stand up to her. He knows this all too well.”

Another person offered a different perspective. They remarked, “I don’t think it’s necessarily being afraid as much as people don’t want to deal with her wrath and know it’s not worth it. Sadly if she was called out more often, maybe she’d be a better adjusted person and realize that screaming doesn’t mean she wins.”

Someone else used Angela’s daughter Skyla as an example of why no one spoke out against her. They said, “Skyla never once raised an eyebrow to Angela’s behavior. Imagine having been raised to believe being a strong person requires lashing out at any and every perceived slight.”

Reddit thread about Angela Deem
Critics gave their opinions on the HEA cast taking Angela’s side. Pic credit: u/@false-bit/Reddit

Will the 90 Day Fiance franchise keep Angela Deem on the network?

While Angela does bring in a lot of views for the network, her antics have caused a lot many 90 Day Fiance viewers to speak out against her abuse.

They are tired of seeing Michael get berated and Angela benefiting from his pain.

This Happily Ever After? season could be the last viewers see of Angela being that other 90 Day Fiance cast members have been fired for less offenses than she’s committed.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns for Season 3 on Sunday, August 29 on TLC at 8/7c.

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Donna bieser
Donna bieser
2 years ago

I think Angel ia acted and looked like a $2 hooker!

2 years ago

Get rid of the trash. Angela is ugly inside and out. It’s a shame she’s using 90 Day to finance all these surgeries and use this as her platform. Angela, go back to being a nurse’s aid and keep your mean self of the TV

2 years ago

Angela is the starring. Thank you everybidy