90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem threatens critics who call her out for being a bully

Angela Deem
With many viewers calling for TLC to cancel Angela Deem, Angela angrily commented and threatened 90 Day Fiance fan page creators and other critics after they made a collage of her bullying other cast members. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance viewers have had enough of Angela Deem after her abusive antics went too far on the latest episode of Happily Ever After? and they have been expressing their disdain on social media.

In a collaboration between two well-known 90 Day Fiance fan pages, a collage was made of all the cast members Angela has bullied or verbally attacked at the Tell Alls, which attracted the attention of Angela herself.

The caption for the collage was, “Who’s next? Any guesses?”

Angela threatened, “You if you don’t stop with the bulling bs.”

Angela’s reaction to the post caused major waves. Many other 90 Day Fiance fan pages responded and went in on Angela for being an abusive bully and bringing her unnecessary toxic presence into the picture’s comments.

Angela continued to bash the people who spoke out against her.

Angela said threatening and trashy things to her critics

The collage that sparked all this drama was pictures of Angela bullying or verbally assaulting different cast members at different Tell Alls. The picture had a banner that read, “Wonder who Angela is going to bully at the Tell All this year?”

In the collage were pictures of Angela attacking her husband Michael, Rebecca Parrot, Avery Mills, Rachel Walters, Tarik Myers, Paul Staehle, and Asuelu’s sister Tammy.

Angela responded to the collage by threatening the creators of the meme, which sparked an array of responses from angry onlookers.

One person said, “So that’s a threat? Typical Angela. Guess telling the truth gets you threatened and bullied.”

Another person reacted by saying, “Tell us the story again of how TLC makes you act like a crazy s**t house rat? No one can make [you] do anything. Isn’t that right?”

Angela continued to spew another, even more vulgar and abhorrent, comment after critics reacted to her original response.

Angela commented, “You guys are so stupid we film tell all 16 18 and you guys see 2 hrs do go to he’ll idiot let my name taste like s**t in your mouth #cancelimnotgoingnowhereIDIOT (laughing face emojis).”

One critic responded, “Learn to speak English correctly. That’s your tax paying right.”

Angela’s exchange with critics was volatile and threatening. Pic credit: i.b.trash.talkin/Instagram

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers are calling for Angela to be canceled from the franchise

Angela’s continued emotional and verbal abuse of Michael has finally caught up to her after viewers started calling on TLC to Cancel Angela and even started using the hashtag #cancelangela.

Her behavior and treatment of Michael on the last episode of Happily Ever After? went too far after she berated, emasculated, and manipulated Michael. She tried to make Michael seem like a bad person, but it had the complete opposite effect.

Angela had been mad at Michael for not supporting her the way she wanted through her weight loss and multiple cosmetic surgeries. Michael was never okay with the surgeries and voiced his concerns many times, not only for her health and looks but also for the financial aspect. Angela totally ignored him and bulldozed her way through the surgeries.

Cast members are rarely fired, so firing Angela would definitely set a precedent if they are willing to do that.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 years ago

She is the worst kind of Bully. Delusional, selfish the show has gone to her head…first time I watched this show and between her and the sisters abusing Andrei I probably won’t watch anymore. These females are bullies and greedy, selfish manipulative animals. Becky can’t handle anything Andrei does, and will always find issue with everything he does. She acts threatened by him and jealous of him. I wonder is she so insecure in her relationship within her family? Or, is it that she really can’t and doesn’t perform and others cover for her. Why is she so afraid of her sisters husband benefiting from her father’s help, which helps her sisters family and her father too. She isn’t very smart and she is not a good person. Also her dad must have many years in business for his age versus her age and his experience dealing with people probably beats her experience. She insults her dad suggesting he is stupid and can’t see if he’s being manipulated, by her he can’t but non-family members he would see it. Her dad can work with anybody he wants, that is his right.