90 Day Fiance viewers call out Angela Deem for the way she treated Michael, think she is an abuser

Angela Deem
After verbally assaulting her husband Michael on this week’s episode of Happily Ever After?, Angela Deem has been called an abuser by 90 Day Fiance critics. Pic credit: TLC

After Angela behaved so toxic and volatile towards her husband Michael on the last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, 90 Day critics called her an abuser.

Angela screamed at Michael and called him all sorts of foul names while she wouldn’t let him get a word in. 90 Day critics felt it was hard to watch the level of abuse Angela was throwing at Michael.

90 Day Fiance viewers thought that Angela’s double standards, gaslighting, victim playing, verbal assaulting, and aggressive interactions with Michael were totally unacceptable and many feel like she should be seen as an abuser.

90 Day Fiance viewers were sickened by Angela’s verbal abuse of Michael

Happily Ever After? viewers this week were forced to watch Angela berate, emasculate, and verbally assault Michael while he couldn’t get a word in and many onlookers feel like Angela is a toxic abuser.

One critic on Reddit posed the question, “Can you imagine a man treating a woman this way on a tv show?” They went on to say, “It is abuse and shouldn’t be celebrated as entertainment just because she is a woman.”

This question sparked a Reddit thread discussion of Angela’s abusive nature and behavior being unacceptable.

Reddit thread about Angela Deem
One person wanted to assert that if a man spoke to a woman like that on TV the outcome by the public would be totally different. Pic credit: @u/etacarinae13/Reddit

Redditors in the subsequent discussion drove home the points of Angela’s behavior that make her an abuser and want other people to see her as such so that her abuse doesn’t continue.

One person said, “This week was really hard to watch. Angela screaming over and over that Michael is an ugly son of a b***h, telling him to shut up, saying she could go get someone better etc, was just awful.”

Another said, “My mom is just like Angela: a loud-mouthed, verbally abusive, gaslighting narcissist. She twists around whatever I say to make herself a victim, and everything is about her. People like this just drain the life out of a person.”

One of the main points someone else made is that, “no amount of hurt can justify this horrible behavior.”

Reddit thread about Angela Deem
Redditors discussed how hard it was to watch Angela abuse Michael. Pic credit: @u/etacarinae13/Reddit

On Instagram, well-known fan pages shared the common sentiment that Angela’s behavior was disgusting and TLC should take a look at this and not keep her on the cast any longer.

Angela has also been called out for her double standard of treating Michael badly but then making him out to be the shady one.

Will Michael and Angela get divorced?

If Michael stays in the relationship, critics think he will continue to get abused just as Angela has always done to him. He is, however, so close to getting to America, and if that is his goal then he just needs to put up with it for a little longer.

Angela often makes Michael out to be the bad person even though she is the instigator of all their fights. Regardless of that point, Angela is going to seek advice from her lawyer next episode to determine if she should get a divorce.

Viewers hope their relationship will improve because their journey has been featured within the 90 Day Fiance franchise for so long.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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