90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap: Not so silent partners

Yara Andrei and Mike
The couples this week experienced a lot of tension, chaos, and resiliency on this week’s episode of Happily Ever After?. Pic credit: TLC

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After focused on some of the more chaotic and difficult moments that the couples have had to deal with so far.

Aside from a few joyous situations, this episode mainly focused on the issues the couples were having, or it set the stage for drama to come.

There were chaotic situation on Happily Ever after this week

Yara spent some time at Jovi’s mom Gwen’s house before insisting that she be taken back to her apartment to be independent. Shortly after arriving back in New Orleans, Yara was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was sick for weeks and needed to go back to Gwen’s house.

Fortunately, baby Mylah did not get sick despite Yara being in close contact with her. Yara was very upset that Jovi could not come home from work to be with her.

Natalie and Mike argued after the disastrous trip to Oklahoma and Mike’s mom was brought up. Mike said that they always keep talking about the same things and don’t get anywhere.

Libby’s dad Chuck rented an RV for the whole family to travel up to Maryland in. Tensions quickly arose when Andrei brought up participating in the family business and Libby’s sister Jen became very angry. Andrei stopped the RV and took Jen outside to talk.

Potthast family and Andrei
Tensions flared in the RV during the Potthast family road trip when Andrei brought up business with Chuck and Jen became offended. Pic credit: TLC

Angela got in several verbal altercations with Michael over the phone because she was mad he wasn’t as attentive as she wanted him to be after her surgeries. She even went to a cell phone store to see if she could get a tracking device put on his phone, but when that didn’t work, she called Michael and screamed at him.

A few of the Happily Ever After? couples made progress in their relationships

Tiffany, her son Daniel, and her daughter with Ronald, Carly, finally landed in South Africa after almost a year of separation. The family had a very joyous meeting and tears were shed.

Before their arrival, however, Ronald was speaking with his friend and said that he would not allow them to leave if his visa gets denied. He expects them to stay indefinitely although Tiffany has no intention of staying more than a few weeks.

Tiffany, Ronald and their kids
It was an amazing moment for Tiffany and Ronald and their family to be reunited in South Africa after spending close to a year apart. Pic credit: TLC

After agreeing on having a safe word when one of them becomes too angry, Asuelu used the word after Kalani told him she saw a lawyer about divorcing him. Although his feelings were hurt, he was able to remain calm and come to a better place with Kalani.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

I wish Mike would send Natalie back to wherever so fast her head would spin. She is impossible to deal with! Chuck, poor Chuck has the most spoiled bunch of money hungry BRATS I have ever seen. That man really has spoiled those kids and he is going to be the one to have to deal with them. Yara needs to GROW UP plain and simple!!