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90 Day Fiance: Tim just wants to work, Melyza shuts him down and starts a fight

Tim and Melyza on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way
Tim tries to explain to Melyza that he might not be able to get a work permit in Colombia. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns for the second half of Season 2 this week, and with it, we get to see Tim and Melyza’s struggle to see eye-to-eye continue.

In the latest sneak peek offered up by TLC, Tim explains that he’s just not having any luck finding work in Colombia and explains he’ll need to find a company to sponsor him to do it.

He and Melyza could get married, a move he says will make working legally in Colombia much easier.

But when Tim reveals another secret that he forgot to tell Melyza, she comes unglued and suggests he was not honest again.

Tim opens up to Melyza just to get shut down

Yes, we know that Tim cheated on Melyza, but pretty much since their introduction on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, it’s felt like we have been watching the slow death of their relationship.

Tim has been working hard to fix things with his Colombian girlfriend. Meanwhile, she seems to be torturing him slowly but surely, possibly in retaliation for his unfaithfulness.

Let this current clip be even more proof of that.

In it, Tim explains to Melyza that he’s been looking hard for work in Colombia, and 90 Day Fiance fans have seen it.

While many viewers are less invested in Tim and Melyza’s story than she is with him, one thing many have commended him for is that he knows the language and is trying to fit in.

Even that goes unnoticed with Melyza.

When Tim tells Melyza that if they just got married, it would be easy to get a work permit, she didn’t even consider it. It seems she’d rather Tim languish in misery while he goes broke in a country he’s trying wholeheartedly to embrace.

Will Tim return home to Texas?

So when Tim comments that at least he still has a job back home in case this all doesn’t work out, Melyza looks like she’s about to explode.

Is it because she’s upset that he “wasn’t honest” or is it possible she just wanted the upper hand with him, holding the fact that he cheated over his head and refusing to do anything to show she is committed to the relationship after he tried so hard to work things out?

It’s not like he never told her about holding his job back home in case things didn’t work out. He just DID tell her. But now, Tim is being accused of keeping a safety net if things didn’t turn out.

After Tim admitted to being scared to throw everything away and come to Colombia, she proved exactly why he was smart to hold onto that job.

“I didn’t ask you to come here and sacrifice everything,” Melyza said with absolutely no expression. Then after Tim tries again to tell her how he feels, saying that he doesn’t feel like she’s as committed as he is, she is “insulted” by that too.

Apparently, the only person in this relationship who is allowed to have feelings is Tim. Not to mention, she admits that there are “certain things” that she has been hiding from him too!

Check out this 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way sneak peek, and let’s see where things go with Tim and Melyza. 

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way returns on Sunday, October 11 at 8/7c on TLC. 

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