90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco admits she still loves Ronald Smith says they won’t bash each other online anymore

90 Day Fiance:Happily Ever After? alum Tiffany Franco admits she still loves Ronald Smith despite their ongoing divorce
Tiffany Franco still loves Ronald Smith. Pic credit: TLC

It seems the dust has settled between 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? exes Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco because they have now called a truce on the social media drama. Furthermore, despite their nasty breakup Tiffany just admitted that she still loves her estranged husband.

It’s still unclear if the divorce has been finalized between the pair because Ronald recently claimed that the papers have been signed and Tiffany refuted that. What we know is that the two are officially over and Ronald has since moved on with someone new.

Things got messy between the exes after Ronald went Instagram official with the new woman named Lauren, but these days it seems the former couple has agreed to keep their personal drama off of social media.

Tiffany recently told her social media followers that she and Ronald will no longer bash each other online, and she also admitted to still loving the South African native.

Tiffany Franco says she still loves Ronald Smith

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star recently told one of her followers that she still loves Ronald despite their pending divorce.

Tiffany got honest during an Instagram Q &A when an Instagram user asked, “Do you still love Ronald?”

“Of course,” admitted the mom-of-two. “What kind of person would I be if I could just turn off my feelings.”

90 Day Fiance star Tiffany Franco says she still loves Ronald Smith
Pic credit:@tiffanyfrancosmith/Instagram

Tiffany and Ronald have a lot of history and have been together for five years.

The former couple had a rocky relationship from the very beginning not only having to deal with distance but also Ronald’s gambling addiction. Despite their issues, the couple got married and had a daughter named Carly.

However, although they tied the knot they were still living thousands of miles away which only added to the tensions in their relationship. After years of makeups and breakups, last year things came to a head and the couple called it quits for good.

Tiffany and Ronald both aired their dirty laundry on social media and made eye-rasing accusations against each other, but these days they’ve decided to call a truce.

Have Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith called a truce?

During her Instagram Q&A the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever after? star was asked how she feels about Ronald constantly bashing her on social media.

However, Tiffany informed her followers that, from now on, she and Ronald have decided to keep their personal drama off social media.

“It was when things were really high tension” noted Tiffany. “He won’t anymore and neither will I. There’s no need for it.”

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith have stopped bashing each other on social media
Pic credit:@tiffanyfrancosmith/Instagram

“We were both just speaking out of anger/hurt,” she added.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever after? is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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2 years ago

Nobody could stop her from getting into that mess. Ronald had problems and now the little girl doesn’t have a dad around.