90 Day Fiance: Steven Johnston’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa reveals what happened between them, claims to be ‘disgusted’ by him

Steven and Vanessa
Steven’s ex-girlfriend told her side of her relationship with Steven and their breakup and called him “disgusting.” Pic credit: TLC

Steven Johnston’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa took the stage at the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All to put Steven’s bad behavior on blast.

She successfully did so but then took it a step further and shared the full dramatic and toxic story of their relationship and breakup via Reddit.

Vanessa was verified on the social platform which validated that the post was indeed from her.

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Steven Johnston’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa slammed Steven in a detailed description of their relationship

Vanessa is Steven’s ex-girlfriend from 2017 and was featured at The Other Way Tell All to give perspective and corroborate his history of bad behavior.

Since the whole story wasn’t able to be told at the Tell All, she used Reddit as a platform to expose Steven.

In a paragraphs-long explanation of their relationship and breakup, Vanessa went in on Steven.

Vanessa explained that she met Steven when she was 20, going through a vulnerable time, and having a faith crisis in April, May, and June of 2017.

In July, August and early Septemeber of that year, Steven went to Russia but shared the agreement with Vanessa that they could both date other people but not have sex with anyone. Vanessa said Steven had sex with several women anyway.

She added, “On top of that, Steven didn’t tell me he betrayed me until I’d already been his girlfriend for a month. He didn’t give me the chance to consider his actions before agreeing to be with him.”

They continued dating in September, October, and November of that same year, during which Vanessa said, “Steven was STILL talking to the girls he hooked up with in Russia, and when I asked him to stop talking to them, he refused and said they were his friends.”

She described that when they were arguing about it on a hike he creepily took pictures of her crying and called him a “sociopath” for doing so.

After the picture incident Vanessa claimed that, “Steven really starts pursuing marriage. He implies that he’s going to propose very soon. He talks about our future all the time. He’s telling his mom that he wants to marry me. I’m agreeing to all of this, it sounds like a great fairytale.”

Vanessa broke up with Steven in late November/early December of 2017 after having a moment of clarity. She described, “I was at an arcade with Steven. He sees some random people, excitedly points at them and says ‘We saw those people earlier!!’. I felt some sort of cosmic shift inside of me, and I thought ‘What am I doing with this child?’ I was suddenly disgusted with him, and there was no going back from this realization.”

Steven incessantly tried to reach her for three months after that and even bothered her family to the point where she told him to stop via text.

Vanessa gave picture evidence to assert her claims against Steven.

Then in October of 2019, while Steven was dating Alina, he sent her a message on Instagram and liked an old photo of her, which meant he was creeping on her profile.

She ended up blocking him everywhere she could think of but claims after that, she got the app Marco Polo and Steven tracked her down on that and told her he was going to be on 90 Day Fiance.

Alina Shaimardanova has chosen to forgive Steven Johnston

Steven and Alina
Alina was embarrassed and ashamed but did not give up on Steven during The Other Way Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Alina ignored countless red flags from Steven’s behavior and went against her friends and family to be with him and follow through with the wedding.

She knew that Steven had been talking to and hooking up with other women while they were supposed to be exclusive and he kept that information from her as well.

He broke his vow of chastity but pushed hypocritical narratives onto Alina that she called him out for but it didn’t get her anywhere.

Alina is now married to Steven and has to figure out the way forward knowing about all his transgressions.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

If Alina coverts to Mormon/ Latter Day Saints and marries Steven, she may be expected to be one of many wives to him. Perhaps this is why he’s always dating so many women at the same time – polygamy. He certainly feels entitled to do so and shows very little concern for her feelings. In fact he’s very indifferent toward her.