90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto reveals more about her ‘surreal’ trip to Paris to end her celibacy with new beau

90 Day:The Single Life star Stephanie Matto shares more details about losing her celibacy to her new beau
Stephanie Matto has a new man. Pic credit: @stepanka/YouTube

90 Day: The Single Life star Stephanie Matto didn’t find love on the Discovery+ show, but she already has a new man in her life who was worth ending her celibacy.

Stephanie shared the news about her French beau on the Tell All, but she has since shared more details about their romance.

The reality TV personality has not revealed the name of her mystery guy, nor has she shown his face to her social media followers. Stephanie has been raving about him, but for now, she’s keeping his identity a secret from the world.

Stephanie Matto talks ‘surreal’ trip to Paris to end her celibacy

The 90 Day: The Single Life star is still gushing about her French beau, and she shared a lot more details about their romance on her YouTube page.

Stephanie noted that “He has a lot going for him, he’s attractive…he has his own businesses, he does well for himself.”

After talking for several months during the lockdown, the pair could not meet due to the borders being closed.

“He’s in Paris, I’m in New York… we couldn’t see each other because of the lockdown, and also I was very busy filming the show,” said Stephanie –who confessed, “There was definitely a spark through the text messages and the Facetimes that we had.”

Despite being “skeptical and on the fence about him,” the reality TV personality took the plunge and flew to Paris, and she did not regret it!

“It was honestly like the most surreal, crazy moment of my life, like meeting this person for the first time after talking every day for months,” she said.

Stephanie Matto says losing her celibacy to her French beau was ‘magical’

The 90 Day: The Single Life star admitted that her family and friends were “all so concerned” when she told them about her online beau.

“People laughed at me, [they] thought I was f**king nuts,” confessed Stephanie. ” But I knew what I felt, and I knew what I wanted, and I really wanted to meet this guy.”

The fart jar entrepreneur had previously discussed losing her celibacy to the Parisian man, and that’s exactly what she did.

“I had already established with him at some point that I was gonna lose my celibacy to him, and he hadn’t had sex in a long time either…” said Stephanie. “He was gonna wait for me as well.”

Stephanie said after they met for the first time, they kissed, and “it was at that point I was so put at ease and comfortable…There was like this energy between us that I’ve never really felt with a person that quickly, ever in my life.”

She later confessed that losing her celibacy to him was “Magical. It was so much better than I even expected it to be.”

90 Day: The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+

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Sex and Nuts
Sex and Nuts
1 year ago

Stepanka lost her celibacy before Paris man? Wasn’t there discussion about it in past YouTube videos? What happened with engagement to Wet Sock?