90 Day Fiance star Jeniffer Tarazona goes missing in Colombia according to boyfriend Jesse Meester

Jeniffer Tarazona and Jesse Meester of 90 Day: The Single Life
Jesse Meester told his followers that his girlfriend, Jeniffer Tarazona, has gone missing in Colombia. Pic credit: TLC and Discovery+

90 Day Fiance star Jeniffer Tarazona has gone missing, according to her boyfriend Jesse Meester.

Jeniffer, a model from Colombia, was introduced to 90 Day Fiance viewers during Season 3 of the franchise when she dated American-born Tim Malcolm.

Her boyfriend, Jesse Meester, was introduced to 90 Day Fiance viewers during Season 1 of Before the 90 Days when he tried his hand at romance with his American girlfriend at the time, Darcey Silva.

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Jesse and Jeniffer have been dating for six months as 90 Day Fiance fans have watched this season on 90 Day: The Single Life.

Jesse, a native of the Netherlands, took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, January 9 to report that Jeniffer is missing in her native country of Colombia.

90 Day Fiance star Jesse Meester reports girlfriend Jeniffer Tarazona missing

Jesse shared his message in Spanish on Instagram, which translates to, “[Jeniffer] has been missing for more than 24 hours in Bucaramanga. I am using all my resources to find her since I am not in the country and the last message she sent was “I love you my everything”, I will be home yesterday at 18:00 for our meeting.”

Jesse’s urgent message continued, “She didn’t return home and has been missing for over 24 hours. I’m really concerned if anyone in Bucaramanga has seen [Jeniffer] please let me know asap. ??”

A screenshot of Jesse’s post was shared by 90 Day the Melanated Way on Instagram who also included a caption, explaining what transpired.

“MISSING ALERT ???,” the caption reads.

“Jesse just posted to his IG stories that Jeniffer @jeniffer_tarazona has been missing in Bucaramanga for more than 24 hours. He is not there, in the same country as her and has not heard from her since her last message to him, days before.”

The fan page also reported that Jeniffer hasn’t shared anything on her Instagram Stories in several days and asked fans to speak up if they know anything about Jeniffer’s whereabouts.

Jeniffer’s last Instagram Post was shared two days before Jesse reported her missing and included pics and video of herself and Jesse exploring bat caves.

“We checked also, and her last IG post is from a few days ago,” the Instagram caption continued. “Jesse is asking if anyone has seen or heard from her, to reach out ASAP!!! Let’s all pray ?? that she is found safe & sound and this is just a big misunderstanding!”

90 Day Fiance fans worry about Jeniffer Tarazona’s safety

Many of Jesse and Jeniffer’s fans commented on the Instagram post with well wishes for Jeniffer’s safe return.

Still, others commented that kidnapping in Colombia is a common occurrence and they worried about Jeniffer’s safety, given her status on American reality TV.

“People go missing in Colombia, especially women due to sex traffickers,” commented one fan. “Let’s pray that she is found safe!!!”

90 day fiance fans worry about jeniffer tarazona's safety after she went missing in colombia
Pic credit: @90daythemelanatedway/Instagram

Another wrote, “Kidnapping for ransom is very high over there especially if [you’re] a public figure I just hope this is not the cast I wonder if her family has reported her missing? ? for a safe return.”

We’re hoping that Jeniffer is found safe and her whereabouts are revealed soon.

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream every Friday on Discovery+.

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1 year ago

She’s probably wanting to get away from him and has ghosted him.

Theresa Melton
Theresa Melton
1 year ago
Reply to  SamSpade

That is a very rude comment. I hope no one in your family is missing. Shame on you.

Katherine Gaugler
Katherine Gaugler
1 year ago

Did they find her yet?