90 Day Fiance spoilers: Mike’s mom Trish confronts Natalie in a Tell All face-off

Trish confronts Natalie
Mike’s mother Trish had a heated conversation with Natalie on the reunion. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever? Tell All is finally here, and it did not disappoint. Viewers watched as the cast members came head to head to air their grievances. 

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva met up on the couch for the first time in months. The duo has not been on the same page with Natalie moving to Florida and taking Mike’s bank card with her.

Trish made a surprise appearance

Host Shaun Robinson treated the cast and viewers to a surprise as she welcomed Mike’s mother, Trish, to the set. She immediately started to encourage Mike to get a divorce. 

Trish accused Natalie of ruining her son’s life, saying, “Everything is all about you. Nothi ng was about Mike, and she can’t tell him she loved him.” 

Natalie and Trish never bonded as mother and daughter-in-law, but Thanksgiving took the entire relationship down thanks to hookergate.

Did Trish call Natalie a hooker?

Natalie still stands by the fact that she heard Trish call her a hooker. But Trish clapped back, saying, “It’s just another one of your lies, Natalie.” According to the overprotective mother, Natalie never cared about Mike and wanted a ticket to America

Trish made it clear to 90 Day Fiance viewers that she did not want the relationship to be salvaged at the commercial break when she got in Natalie’s face. Mike’s mom shared that after her son married, she was mad for a week. 

Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance cast turned on Natalie

The entire cast seemed annoyed by Natalie’s presence, with Angela Deem partaking in one of her typical outbursts, yelling, “you don’t like Mike, Mike don’t like you, just take your a** home. If you don’t love him, get the fu*k out of here.”

The entire studio turned against Natalie, with Julia Trubkina schooling the blonde on ruining the K-1 visa for honest couples. Natalie just couldn’t catch a break. 

Trish ended her smear campaign against her former daughter-in-law, saying, “You’ve been nothing but evil to him.”

Trish adamantly felt Natalie used Mike for a green card. The momzilla even spilled the tea that Natalie hasn’t be able to tell her own mother that she is leaving Mike. The Ukrainian quickly rectified the situation but FaceTimeing with her mom.  

Sadly, all Trish’s words fell on deaf ears. In the end, Trish shared that she only wanted the best for her son, saying, “I want him to find a woman who wants to live on a ranch and have a couple of babies. Is that too much?”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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2 years ago

Natalie is the perfect example of why the USA needs to change its spousal rules. Sadly, people go looking for love, some in another country, and what they find is a Natalie. A gold-digger, a fake, a user, a citizenship digger… someone to pay their way to the USA.

Natalie is an awful person! Poor Mike wants love so badly that he’s unable to see how awful she is for him.

Go back to the Ukraine Natalie! The USA doesn’t want you.

2 years ago

Mike and Natalie took turns dishing out the hateful behavior. Mike should have walked away when Natalie threw his engagement ring as he was leaving to catch his plane. Natalie should have walked away when Mike cancelled the wedding (apparently at his Mother’s suggestion). They don’t trust one another, they don’t like each other. The language barrier and Natalie’s inability to communicate was a hinderance. Trish is a passive-aggressive back-stabber and enjoyed harassing Natalie during her Thanksgiving visit. On day one, she has Natalie stacking firewood then takes her into a butcher’s shop full of dead animals—great way to respect a vegetarian. Best for both to call it a day.

Barbara Kelly
Barbara Kelly
2 years ago

Thanks Trish for telling that B off. I wanted to stop watching the show. Natalie is the most sickening women I have ever seen. She ruined the show by her presence. Good ridens Nat.