90 Day Fiance spoilers: Jibri’s parents share concerns about Miona being controlling

Jibri Bell and family
A spoiler regarding Jibri Bell’s conversation with his parents about Miona Bell has been released. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance viewers have already seen uncomfortable moments this season between Jibri Bell and his mom Mahala and stepfather in regards to his fiancee Miona.

Based on a trailer released for the upcoming episode, it looks like Jibri’s parents will voice their concerns about Jibri’s relationship with Miona and call out some toxicity that has made them uneasy. Furthermore, the idea of postponing the marriage will be brought up.

The 90 Day audience has previously heard from Jibri’s parents, namely Mahala, about her apprehension toward Miona and how she’s negatively changed Jibri with her control.

Jibri Bell’s parents shared their concerns over Miona Bell being controlling

In the released trailer, Jibri was out for coffee with his parents and the three of them started a conversation.

Mahala began by saying, “Parents can generally tell when their child is stressed,” and then talked about how Jibri’s normal disposition is excited and passionate. She followed that up by remarking “You’re not doing that as much and it seems like you’re not doing okay.”

Jibri’s stepdad added, “We don’t see that you’re happy.”

To which Jibri responded, “I just feel like I’m in a waiting room right now and the walls are closing in and I feel like I have to choose a door to escape or for the next chapter right? And whatever door I choose, somebody’s getting left out. I’m just overwhelmed.”

Mahala raised the concern that they have to go out of the house to talk as a family because they don’t feel comfortable having a private conversation at home where Miona is.

She called out Miona for an occasion when she blew up Jibri’s phone while she was trying to have a twenty-minute conversation with him and noted, “That feels controlling.”

When asked by his stepdad if he would get married at all if he didn’t have the 90 day time frame, Jibri definitively answered, “No.” After hearing that, Jibri’s dad recommended postponing the marriage

When Jibri’s parents were interviewed alone after the conversation Mahala said, “I think part of what is really keeping him in this decision to get married is concern about the blowback from Miona. That really pains me to say because I wanna be optimistic but that does not seem like it’s going to be healthy in a marriage.”

Jibri Bell’s best friend David doesn’t like Miona Bell

90 Day Fiance viewers also learned this season that Jibri’s best friend and bandmate David, or Dacho, didn’t like Miona and found her to be rude, disruptive of Jibri’s creativity, and selfish.

Jibri and David got into a tussle at the recording studio after David called Jibri’s relationship with Miona out.

The pair managed to reconcile their friendship after Jibri unloaded his concerns about Miona to him.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c and Disovery+.

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2 years ago

Listen to your parents…they do know best……but listen to your own gut feelings…….their usually right…

2 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Listen to your gut instincts, never ignore them, then listen to your parents! Be true to yourself, if you lose yourself, you will have nothing! Yes Miona is one of a few controlling females on this season, #hes mean and rude to you. Get rid of her ASAP, send her on her controlling way!