90 Day Fiance: Miona Bell blasts critics after buying new Porsche, tells them to ‘start working’

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell claps back at criticisms over her new car.
Miona Bell claps back at critics. Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

Miona Bell is clapping back at people who have been commenting on how she bought her new Porsche.

The 90 Day Fiance star posted a message on social media, and she told her critics to start working and stop being jealous.

The Serbian native denied claims that it was easier for her to gain success from her business Miona Beauty due to her reality TV fame.

Miona argued that she came from a poor background and also revealed that she was not paid for her stint on the show.

The TLC star has been getting criticism after she took to Instagram with her new car and said she was proud of herself for being able to purchase it on her own.

However and a few disgruntled viewers took to the comments to share their opinions on how she was able to gain success so quickly.

Miona Bell claps back at critics over pricy new Porsche

The 90 Day Fiance star was happy yesterday when she showed off her new Porsche.

However, that excitement has now been marred as Miona had to clap back at people who said her new purchase was due to her TV popularity.

“All the people in the comments giving excuses why they couldn’t do it and how it was easier for me. Do you want me to start with the fact that I was born in a war torn country where my parents were making $30 a month? Or that I never got $1 from my presence on TV?” wrote Miona in a message on her Instagram Story.

“Stop finding excuses and start working. Trash talking other people for their success Is the reason why you don’t have the same. Change your mindset,” she added.

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell claps back at critics.
Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers comment on Miona Bell’s success

There are some negative comments on Miona’s post as 90 Day Fiance viewers reminded her that being on reality TV helped with her success.

“Built everything from scratch….lol, you were on a reality TV show. That definitely helped you… ?” said one commenter.

“Everyone that’s been on 90 Day Fiancé ends up doing extremely well financially, in a short period of time. I have no doubt you would have achieved this eventually, on your own, but being on a famous reality show definitely helped you get there A LOT faster. And that’s just a fact. ??‍♀️” said someone else.

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell claps back at critics.
Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

“No handout? What do you call tlc? Cuz not everybody is blessed like that ?” noted one critic.

Someone wrote, “The show brought you family and paid you! Then you took that money ( from the show) and accomplished your dreams.”

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell claps back at critics.
Pic credit: @mionabell/Instagram

“But you had a tv show paying for you… don’t act as if you did everything one step at a time,” wrote one Instagram user.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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You are married to an abusive nujob. Hope you like living in your car after he dumps you.