90 Day Fiance: Memphis Smith’s mom claims Hamza was ‘abusive’ and that Memphis ‘did everything for him’

Hamza, Memphis, and Memphis' mom
Memphis Smith’s mom became unhinged on a recent post of Hamza’s, calling him “abusive,” among other allegations. Pic credit: TLC

Memphis Smith’s mom Deborah might be trying to meddle in her daughter’s relationship with Hamza because she called him out on a recent picture he posted on social media.

Deborah took aim at Hamza by accusing him of being “abusive” and went on to say that Memphis “did everything for him.”

The comments have since been deleted, and neither Memphis nor Hamza responded to Deborah’s unsubstantiated outburst.

During the incident in Hamza’s comments, Deborah was also lashing out at 90 Day critics who were saying negative things about her and Memphis.

Memphis Smith’s mom Deborah shaded Moknii Hamza calling him ‘abusive’

Memphis’ mom Deborah crossed lines on Hamza’s Instagram post by hurling allegations at him and going after 90 Day critics who were commenting negative things about Memphis.

Deborah unsolicitedly wrote in Hamza’s comments, “Hamza was abusive!! Memphis did everything for him.”

A 90 Day critic then replied, “@deborahsmithprice90daymemphis He’s abusive how though? Like how Memphis went into a full new culture with zero respect or understanding for it and is shocked when he doesn’t conform to her loose morals and unreasonable expectations? Interesting coming from the non-existent ‘mother.'”

Deborah responded, “people like you think everything on TV is real. I was present… We American woman expect help with our spouse. Not neglect, Missy!! You wouldn’t know the truth if it were [in your] face. It’s 2 sides to every story..”

Deborah then got into it with another critic who commented on Hamza’s post, “Hopefully you were able to get away from Memphis. Not all American girls act like that.”

Deborah responded, “act like what Missy!!! You don’t know nothing!!”

Memphis' mom Deborah's comments on Hamza's Instagram post
Pic credit: @hamza90day/Instagram

Moknii Hamza told Memphis Smith that he wanted to slow down on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

Hamza was turned off by several things Memphis had done while in Tunisia. He felt like she was in a rush to marry him instead of getting to know him and, although he accepted the terms, he disagreed with Memphis’ push to get a prenup.

After speaking with his mom Hayet, Hamza felt even more uneasy about the prenup and moving so fast, so he told Memphis he thought they were in too much of a hurry, and she began to freak out.

Before the 90 Days viewers will have to keep watching to find out the fallout from Hamza’s assertion.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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