90 Day Fiance: Memphis Smith honors her late grandfather with Memorial Day tribute post

90 Day Fiance star Memphis Smith honors her lats grandfather who fought in the Vietnam War ahead of Memorial Day.
Memphis Smith honors her late grandfather ahead of Memorial Day. Pic credit: TLC

Memphis Smith is back on social media after taking a short break to focus on herself and her children.

She had a rough time dealing with critics as her season of Before the 90 Days aired. Viewers questioned her relationship with Hamza Moknii weekly, and Memphis received tons of backlash for her behavior.

Now that she’s back online and committed to ignoring her haters, she’s sharing a sweet story about her late grandfather, who served in the military.

Memphis honors her grandfather for ‘giving his life for others’

Just ahead of Memorial Day, Memphis took the time to post a moving tribute to her late grandfather, Wardell Smith, who served in the Army during the Vietnam war.

She shared a photo of him and a link to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website, which featured his story. Memphis begins her post by acknowledging the stories of others who have relatives that have served in the military and fought in wars.

She goes on share a bit of her grandfather’s story. She writes, “I was beyond PROUD the day my grandfather was recognized for giving his life for others. I’m sure the men my grandfather stood next to were more than just his “friends,” but family. I can’t [imagine] how my grandmother and her children felt to know he had passed. But to know it was not in vain and all in God’s will I pray gave them some comfort.”

She continues, writing, “Memorial Day is about paying respects and gratitude to those who see more for this world and this nation. These are people who have attempted to pave the way for us! I know one thing he has made HIS FAMILY PROUD! How ironic we get to celebrate him for Memorial Day and Independence Day!”

Memphis ends her tribute to her grandfather by saying, “Praying his memory continues to RESTORE FAITH in OTHERS. Heroes don’t only were capes.”

She closes her posts by adding a link to the article featuring her grandfather and thanking those who made the story possible. According to the website, Wardell Smith became a recorded casualty of the war on July 4, 1968, in the Tay Ninh province of Vietnam.

Memphis is focused on her family

Since separating from Hamza and giving birth to their daughter, Memphis has said she just wants to focus on caring for her kids.

She has been transparent that her relationship with Hamza is over and has accused him of being a narcissist and using her just to gain citizenship in America. After feeling attacked by some members of the 90 Day fandom, Memphis decided to stop engaging with critics and no longer posts her thoughts about Hamza.

She has said she is ready to move on and just wants to be a present mother to her kids. While she and Hamza hope they can co-parent their daughter, they have made it clear they are no longer interested in a romantic relationship with one another.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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