90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Memphis throws shade at Hamza, implied she married the ‘devil’

90 Days star Memphis Smith discusses the devil.
Memphis Smith discusses the devil. Pic credit: TLC/YouTube

Memphis Smith implied the devil came into her life when she made a breakthrough. Memphis’ revelation was in a lengthy caption that accompanied pictures of her in a leopard-print dress that she shared on social media.

Memphis shared pictures of a woman she claimed she met online and mentored. She shared that the woman she met online is now mentoring her. Memphis also spoke about the devil and leading with love. 

Memphis throws shade at Hamza, speaks of the devil

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Memphis Smith has a message for haters and fans. She shared pictures she took in a mirror wearing an animal-print dress. 

Memphis started the caption with, “With all the things going on in my world right now. I just wanted to say I met this lady online little did I know her impact on my life would be more than I thought my impact on hers would be!”

Memphis sings the praises of the mystery lady and says, “ She has really come through for me! First, I listened and coached her, and guess what now the roles have reversed. Sometimes it doesn’t matter the amount of time someone is in your life but the impact they make in that time!”

The mysterious woman appeared in animal print with Memphis in the second photo.

Memphis continued, “Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my supporters! If I could name you all I would! Let’s start to lead with love. You never know what lasting effect you can have on them. Catching each other’s tears and fears! #womenliftingwomen #sisterhood #womenunited Now, I see my vision! The devil always comes knocking when he sees a breakthrough happening.” 

90 Days star Memphis Smith discusses the devil
Pic credit: @missmemphis05/Instagram

Fellow star Jasmine Pineda showed love in the comments section and wrote, “Oh my Too much cuteness.”

Memphis answers haters who question her pregnancy timeline 

Many fans felt disappointed when Memphis abruptly departed the Tell All when it was time for Memphis and Hamza to go over their relationship. 

Fans questioned whether she could have conceived in Tunisia because she and Hamza were only there for two weeks. Memphis’ refusal to answer questions about the shocking pregnancy caused confusion. 

Memphis shared “proof” of a timeline of her pregnancy with Hamza to quiet fans. She posted a picture that listed the dates of conception for each month of the year. She said that the birth of her baby coincided with her visit because she visited Hamza in January.

Still, the proof wasn’t enough for many curious fans.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is on hiatus

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2 years ago

Oh no, no, no Memphis, YOU have that backwards, Hamza was the one that married the devil, YOU are just plain MEAN to him!