90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After recap: She’s a snake in the grass

some of the cast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
The Happily Ever After? couples dealt with a lot of chaos and uneasy topics during this week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? couples are at a crossroads in their relationships, where they need to either compromise and work together, or figure something else out.

Deeply personal and delicate topics were addressed by the cast this week and it caused a few major blowups. Decisions about how to change internal and external factors that are not working were also made.

Uneasy topics led to a few explosions for the Happily Ever After? couples this week

Jovi apologized to Yara for the fight they had the night before and they agreed to try and go out to a nice dinner to talk about things and have fun.

They had a good time at dinner but things drastically fell apart when Jovi and Yara went to a strip club for a little while. Yara wanted to leave, but Jovi wanted to stay, which led to a big argument and Yara slapped Jovi in the face.

Asuelu’s mom and sister came over to Christmas dinner and tensions flared when Asuelu’s mom brought up money and her desire for Asuelu to send it to her in Samoa.

Asuelu tried to calm the situation by shifting focus to the White Elephant gift exchange, which lightened the mood briefly. Asuelu made a bad move, however, and gifted a baby blanket to Kalani which started a fight about Kalani not wanting more babies. The fight escalated when Asuelu’s mom and sister got involved and Asuelu threw them out of the house before it turned physical.

Asuelu's mom
Asuelu’s mom brought up Asuelu sending her money, which is a topic Kalani and Asuelu are tired of. Pic credit: TLC

Julia and Brandon had a small housewarming party with Brandon’s three friends and Julia brought up wanting to have baby soon. When Brandon’s friend Melanie offered some advice to maybe slow down, Julia told her to stop talking.

Tiffany and Ronald saw a marriage counselor that happened to be Ronald’s uncle, and he sided with Tiffany, which upset Ronald. He and Tiffany got in a big fight afterwards over the same things Tiffany usually brings up.

Poignant decisions were made by some Happily Ever After? couples

After discussing what she should do with her friend Juliana, Natalie officially decided to move out of Mike’s house and separate. Natalie and Juliana went to Mike’s house to gather her things and next week’s episode will detail the fallout.

Natalie and Juliana
Juliana offered for Natalie to stay with her and comforted her. Pic credit: TLC

Chuck Potthast sided with Andrei in the fight he’s been in with Elizabeth’s siblings. Chuck says he thinks the siblings are jealous of Andrei, but that he wants to have a family cookout to get everything out in the open so they can move past the issues.

Angela was on the phone with Michael while he masturbated for his sperm test. Later on, while clothes shopping with her daughter Skyla, Angela asked her daughter to come with her to the her fertility appointment, but also said she has very little desire to continue doing anything to have a baby with Michael.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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teresa sexton
teresa sexton
1 year ago

Charlie is being played. Andrei has done nothing but mooch since he has been here. He is blind sided trying to keep his daughter in this country because Andrei said he is taking Lib if he gets deported. I think someone need to send he ass back home. Find out why he left his country. He is a snake and Charlie is going to lose his whole family if he keeps being a chump.