90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap: Love Takes Hostages

Yara, Asuelu and Julia
The Happily Ever After? couples tried to keep their larger goals in mind this week as they navigated new and old challenges. Pic credit: TLC

Amid the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? couple’s ongoing drama, they tried to see the bigger picture this week as most of them aimed to find workable solutions to their issues.

Some of the couples were trying to fortify their relationships but came up against a few obstacles and prepared themselves for the challenges ahead while others headed straight into the drama.

There were a few fights and tense moments as the couples tried to gain control of the issues in their relationships in order to make their situation better, and a few of them were unsuccessful or still have a lot of unknowns.

Some couples still face the unknown

Jovi and Yara were able to go out on a solo date when Jovi’s mom Gwen offered to watch baby Mylah. Jovi had to break the news to Yara that he had to leave for work for a few months, leading Yara to become upset and anxious at the thought of being alone.

Kalani’s dad Low had a conversation with Kalani about her desire to get a divorce from Asuelu and he expressed his beliefs that divorce is unacceptable. Kalani rebutted that it was still an option on the table for her if things didn’t get better.

Low also met with Asuelu and told him that he needs to try harder in order to avoid a divorce from Kalani.

Mike and Natalie went to Oklahoma to visit Mike’s mom to celebrate both their birthdays and their first day there ended up being awkward. Natalie had a cold attitude that put Mike’s mom on edge.

Ronald tried to get his stepson Daniel to agree to move to South Africa if his U.S. visa got denied, an option that Daniel and Tiffany vehemently didn’t want. Tiffany did not tell Ronald that she wouldn’t move to South Africa yet, because she thought it would cause him to relapse again.

A few tense situations led to conflict

Andrei carried on and complained to Elizabeth about how her family treated him on his first day of work and Elizabeth was not okay with her sister calling Andrei a d***.

Later, Andrei and Elizabeth visited their immigration lawyer who told them that it would be very challenging for Andrei to get his green card renewal because standards and the burden of proof are a lot tougher now. The lawyer made a big point about making sure Andrei didn’t have anything shady in his past and Andrei was combative with her.

Andrei got feisty
Andrei got feisty at their immigration when she pried about his past. Pic credit: TLC

As Angela began her healing process from her surgeries, she expressed her unhappiness with the smaller size of her breasts, a sentiment that Michael echoed. Angela, however, began to think Michael only ever loved her for her boobs and was acting like she was gearing up for a fight with him about it.

Julia and Brandon met up with Brandon’s old high school friend and her boyfriend for drinks and Julia was very rude. Her rudeness then made Brandon’s friend ask her provoking questions until Julia exploded with anger and left the brewery in a jealous rage.

Next week there will be some fallout with the problems that were started this week, but there will also be some new drama.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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