90 Day Fiance fans suspect Steven Johnston exposed his bad behavior and desires for this reason

Steven Johnston
Steven’s admissions to extramarital activity prompted 90 Day Fiance critics to theorize why he said that at the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Steven Johnston shocked and disgusted 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers during The Couples Tell All when he admitted to many transgressions against his new bride Alina and shared his inappropriate desires.

Steven said that he responded to nine different women who sent him sexual messages by encouraging them and sending them back a picture of himself with his tongue sticking out, saying that he doesn’t know how to use it.

He further said that he has a lot of sexual energy, felt sexually repressed, and said he wants a threesome with Alina to satisfy him.

Viewers, and the cast, thought his extramarital behavior was gross and a wildly outrageous thing to do to Alina. She was a virgin when they got married and gave up so much to be with him, including going against her friends and family.

One 90 Day Fiance critic on Instagram shared their popular thought and insightful suspicion on why Steven decided to divulge everything he did at the Tell All.

90 Day Fiance viewers have a theory for why Steven Johnston talked about his bad behavior during the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All

Steven’s brazen admissions and embarrassing description of his desires served many purposes on the Tell All, but 90 Day Fiance fans think he had a particularly sinister motive behind it.

A popular 90 Day fan page made a meme that got to the point of why they think Steven shared the information he did.

They shared a still image of Steven at the Tell All saying, “for some reason I really want to have a threesome,”

Below that, they wrote, “The only reason Steven did this on live TV was to get threesome solicitations in his DMs.”

The post got almost 1,000 likes and over 100 comments, mostly agreeing with the theory.

Steven Johnston has a history of using social media to get girls while he was with Alina Shaimardanova

During this season of The Other Way, Alina forced Steven to delete his social media to not talk to other girls anymore. After purposely putting it off and then reluctantly going through with it, Alina felt better even though Steven felt uneasy.

Alina’s tactic didn’t work because he has been on social media throughout the airing of this season, and on social media is where he got into this recent trouble of talking to other women behind Alina’s back.

Alina also used her friend Masha as bait to see if Steven would flirtatiously respond to her, and he did, further proving his unfaithfulness.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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