90 Day Fiance fans react to Tarik Myers’s latest dirt against Hazel Cagalitan

Tarik and Hazel
Tarik’s drama with Hazel continued with new dirt and 90 Day Fiance fans reacted. Pic credit: TLC

Tarik Myers has fanned the flames of his breakup from his wife Hazel Cagalitan sharing quite a bit on social media about her and the state of their marriage.

Tarik claimed that Hazel is no longer in Virginia and is out of state with people he does not know. He also claimed that she is going back to the Philippines because there’s no other option. He shared some very suspicious and veiled posts on Instagram that were interpreted to be aimed at Hazel going as far as to call her a snake.

Hazel seemed to clap back at Tarik by using her Instagram bio to claim emotional and mental abuse from him. Tarik then took her defense, reposted it, and shared his own in-depth thoughts on it in a since-deleted caption.

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Onlookers to the messy situation have been coming out with their opinions on the situation and both parties involved.

90 Day Fiance fans shared their opinions on Tarik Myers’s latest stab at Hazel Cagalitan amid their breakup

Tarik deleted his original caption for the photo he posted to his Instagram that was only there for a few hours before he deleted the whole post.

He reshared a picture of Hazel’s bio description change. The altered caption he gave to the post read, “Not true and you know it. I still will not bash you or air out out personal life.”

Tarik shared what Hazel said about him. Pic credit: TLC

A popular fan page was able to capture Tarik’s original caption that read, “Lawyers told me that you would claim this. They say it’s the go to claim to try and stay in the U.S. I said no way, not my wife. She’d never. She’d go back willingly first. Is this really who you are? I still will not bash you or air out our personal life.”

Tarik continued, “I will say that that you know everything I ever said or did was to provide a wonderful life for you. So don’t let IG haters and the ‘friends’ around you push you to make a bad decision because you’re upset.”

Tarik finished, “And I only told social media you left and asked that be left alone and not harassed. You’re gonna make yourself look much worse if you force me [to] tell my side online. Calm down and call me. Dwain is flying here tomorrow to stay with me for a while to help me try to talk to you and fix it. I didn’t lie on you so don’t lie on me. #Tarzel.”

IG post about Tarik and Hazel
Tarik’s original caption was saved by a fan page. Pic credit: @mommysaysbadwordslive/Instagram

Observers in the comments shared their opinions.

One critic said, “I don’t like Tarik. I never did but ofc everyone will side with Hazel on this. This girl had zero interest in being with this man. Her body language was betraying her words at every turn. I believe she’s an opportunist and he’s a fool who let his thirst for his fetishization of Asian women get the best of him.”

Another person remarked, “He really hashtagged tarzel at the end (laughing/crying emojis).”

Someone else wrote, “I like the ‘I will not bash you or air our dirty laundry’ while basically bashing and airing. I’ve never like him much and this isn’t winning him any points from me.”

IG comments about Tarik and Hazel
Pic credit: @mommysaysbadwordslive/Instagram

Tarik Myers signaled trouble in his marriage to Hazel Cagalitan the day before he spilled the tea about split

The first inclination that Tarik and Hazel were having problems came from posts and a bio description change that Tarik did on his Instagram two days ago.

He posted three of the exact same picture but in three separate posts that depicted a woman’s legs walking in heels with the words “Trust no one” over it.

He also changed his bio to say, “I can’t believe you’re a snake too.”

The new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, December 12 at 8/7c on TLC.

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