90 Day Fiance fans react to Ronald Smith refusing to change a poopy diaper

Ronald Smith talking to the cameras.
Ronald talking about his children to the cameras. Pic credit: TLC

No one in their right mind enjoys changing a poopy diaper. But 90 Day Fiance’s Ronald Smith made the mistake of admitting in on national television and just flat out refused to do it. TLC fans are now dragging the South African dad for his hands-off approach to parenting. 

Tiffany thought she was getting a teammate

The entire episode showed Tiffany Franco begging for her husband’s help with their daughter. But each time, he either was too busy stocking their food shelves or holding a mop to help out. 

The Maryland native naively believed that her husband would be lending a helping hand but instead, she is still very much a single parent. 

TLC viewers learned that Ronald, who has hardly been around his young daughter since her birth, is cherry-picking which diapers he does change. As he tried not to dry heave fans anger boiled over at Ronald’s selfishness.

Ronald made excuses about diapers

According to Ronald, he isn’t familiar with how to clean a diaper and would be better just not doing it. The reality star also mentioned if it were a boy he would feel more comfortable saying, “I can’t clean her like I could a boy.”

One fan wrote what everyone was thinking saying, “Newsflash, Ronald: poop diapers do it for no one. Change it! “

90 Day Fiance viewers were upset

Another wrote, “Changing dirty diapers is probably the easiest part of being a parent. Ronald can’t even do that.”

Fans’ mouths were left agape as throughout the entire show Ronald kept dropping the ball. While food shopping, he didn’t have enough money for his pink bologna (Polony?). He also got the conversion rate wrong, which ended up costing Tiffany much more money than she thought. 

Will Tiffany and Ronald even last?

The lack of spousal support led to a heated argument where Ronald explained his reasoning for not having to change diapers saying, “I do have a choice cause I have a wife.” 

90 Day Fiance fans took to Twitter to drag Ronald.
Fans took to Twitter to drag Ronald. Pic Credit: Twitter

While Ronald did express that being expected to know everything about parenting was a lot, Tiffany laid down the gauntlet as she asked him, “Are you making this enjoyable or easy for me?” 

Even though the couple is still together, 90 Day Fiance lovers wonder just how long the duo can survive with Ronald’s apathetic parenting style.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.