90 Day Fiance fans are Team Mohamed after the way he acted on the Tell All

Mohamed Jbali
Fans are siding with Mohamed after he stood up for himself at the Tell All. Pic credit: TLC

Mohamed joined The Single Life Tell All virtually and spoke up for himself maturely and concisely, sparking support for Team Mohamed.

He refused to give details about his personal life when asked, apologized for offending Danielle, and spoke up about Danielle’s achievements, all while on a break at work.

He is being commended for walking away from a toxic relationship and starting a life on his own, in a new country, as a contributing member of society, with no resources to start with.

Fans are making the point that Danielle is the one to blame in this situation and that Mohamed has been falsely carrying the stigma as the bad guy.

Team Mohamed supporters speak out

Mohamed’s supporters feel like Danielle took advantage of Mohamed and that he was doing his best to make something out of the bad situation he had with her. She lied to him about her finances, criminal record, and intentions, which was enough for him to deal with while working to earn his green card.

While Mohamed has been widely criticized for publicly talking about Danielle’s body odor, Team Mohammed Redditors validated Mohamed’s assertion about Danielle’s smell and felt like it was warranted to discuss. When the admission of Danielle’s smell happened during a past Tell All for Happily Ever After, it was because he was pushed to say it.

Reddit thread about Mohamed Jbali
Fans commended Mohamed for everything he dealt with to get to where he is. Pic credit: @u/nelatron/Reddit

Mohamed fans feel like he has apologized repeatedly over the years and he should be done apologizing, and Danielle needs to get over her issues and move on.

Fans are also praising him for how far he has come and how he is a hard working and contributing member to the American economy.

Reddit thread about Mohamed Jbali
Fans think Mohamed has apologized enough. Pic credit: @u/nelatron/Reddit

What is next for Mohamed?

Mohamed made it clear to Tell All host Shaun Robinson that he would not answer any questions about his personal life and that this would be the last time he appeared within the franchise. She reminded the audience that he had said that before.

Mohamed is a busy truck driver and takes his work very seriously. He also says he loves his job because it’s a great way to see the United States.

Mohamed has his interview coming up for the second, longer term, green card.

90 Day:The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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