Top 6 most cringy moments in 90 Day Fiance history

Babygirl Lisa, Paul, and Danielle
There have been a lot of cringey moments through the 90 Day Fiance franchise, but some stand out more than others. Pic credit: TLC

There have been many unbalanced, toxic, shocking, awkward, and messy situations to come across the screens of 90 Day Fiance viewers. With all the unique people and circumstances coming together to form these international relationships, there is bound to be a lot of friction and some fiery incidents.

As emotions run high and miscommunications happen, the way that the cast members within the 90 Day Fiance franchise react can be awkward and embarrassing, making it hard to watch.

Whether it be strange admissions, fights spawning from disrespect, or turbulence between the foreigners and the significant others’ families, every situation on this list is memorable for its cringyness.

The moments captured on this list are the ones that stand out as being the situations that made people want to look at the TV from between their fingers because the scene is just too embarrassing to watch.

With so many wild situations to choose from, these six moments are the most talked about by fans and have gone down in 90 Day Fiance infamy for being the most cringy.

1. Leida kicking Eric’s daughter out of their house

Leida and Eric were on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance, and Leida quickly became the villain of the season for her hatred towards Eric’s kids and demanding and selfish nature. The Indonesian doctor with a son met and fell in love with Eric, who is from Wisconsin.

Leida expressed that she comes from money and had high and snobby expectations of what her life in America would look like. But when she got to America, she and her son had to live in a two-bedroom apartment with two out of his three daughters.

Leida threatened divorce because Eric had to pay child support for his two younger daughters and told him that he should relinquish his parental rights. She then forced his older daughter to move out of their apartment in a cruel and cringy scene to watch for its blatant disrespect.

Her aggregious mishandling of the situation with Eric’s daughter and her suggestion of abandoning his kids earned Leida a 90 Day Fiance villain title.

Since filming, Leida has amassed so much hatred from viewers that she claimed that she was receiving death threats.

That hasn’t stopped her from being a bully on the internet and picking fights with other 90 Day Fiance cast members like Evelin and Deavan.

2. Paul asking Karine’s dad to marry her

Paul and Karine and Karine's Dad
Paul’s awkward personality was at its peak when he asked Karine’s Dad for his permission to marry Karine. Pic credit: TLC

34-year-old Paul met 21-year-old Karine online and decided to fly down Brazil, deep in the Amazon region where it is very undeveloped, to meet her.

Paul’s original weird move was the first day he met Karine and met her parents. One of the first things he asked her parents was if Karine could spend the night at his hotel, which they agreed to. He did a bunch of other weird things while they spent their first few days together, like wearing an insane water suit while swimming and asking Karine to take an STD and pregnancy test.

But none of these oddities about Paul and his choices compare to when he asked Karine’s dad for his permission to marry his daughter. Paul’s translator app was not working effectively, so he used gestures to get his point across. So he got down on his knee and put his pointer finger through a round hole he made with other fingers, and it was the most cringy thing to watch.

The awkward hand gesture sparked many Reddit threads that all talked about how utterly uncomfortable and embarrassing that was to watch. Karine’s dad got the point, however, and agreed to the marriage.

Since then, they have gone to have two children and create strange porn on OnlyFans for their income.

3. Angela mercilessly hitting on her plastic surgery doctor

Angela is known for her vulgar mouth, crass behavior, emasculation of her husband Michael, and her hypocritical nature toward Michael.

She met Michael from Nigeria online, and the two began a long-distance relationship before Angela was able to visit him. She visited several times before their K-1 visa was denied. They decided to get married in Nigeria and apply for a spousal visa.

As much as Angela makes an enormous deal about Michael talking or looking at other women, she does not hold herself to the same standard, and this fact, coupled with her gross humor were put together for the most cringy thing Angela did.

She was told that she would need to have plastic surgery for her loose skin after her weight loss surgery, so she consulted with a different doctor. Angela lost it when he came into the room because he was an attractive doctor from Ghana. She hit on him mercilessly throughout her exam to the point where the doctor had to tell her that examining is different than touching.

She repeatedly harassed him while he was examining her breasts by asking him if her breasts were pretty. It went too far, and she even said she had to remind herself that she was married.

4. Mohamed calling Danielle out for smelling bad at the Tell All

Mohamed and Danielle had a mismatched, bizarre, and very short-lived relationship. They had intimacy, financial, and cultural issues that they were never able to overcome, and it culminated in some explosive moments, accusations, and ultimately, a divorce.

The most embarrassing moment came during one of the Tell All episodes when they sat down with host Shaun Robinson to discuss their issues with the other cast members watching from another room. When Shaun asked Mohamed whether they consummated their marriage, he said that they did but that Danielle was crazy and would scream “I want sex tonight” or “I’m going to get you deported” in front of her daughters.

On top of that, he said that she has issues that no man wants to deal with, and Danielle chimed in that he says she smells and she peed on him. Later on, when they brought the group back during the Tell All, there was a second heated exchange where Mohamed screamed out, “She needs to see a doctor before she can have sex with someone. No one wants to have sex with somebody like that.”

5. Luis not leaving Molly’s house

Luis and Molly had a whirlwind romance in the Dominican Republic, and then Molly brought the much younger Luis over on the K-1 visa to move in with her and her two kids in Georgia.

Things got weird fast when Luis showed no interest in helping Molly with her youngest daughter and went on to ask a grossly inappropriate question to her older daughter about whether she has sex with her boyfriend.

When Molly confronted Luis about why he was rude to her kids, he turned the conversation around on her and bizarrely attacked her faith and hinted that she was a witch. Molly kicked Luis out after that fight but invited him back a short time later.

By that time, Molly’s oldest daughter moved out because she was uncomfortable with the situation. Luis fell back into his same unhelpful and rude behavior to the point that he moved his stuff into Molly’s guest bedroom and locked himself in. He played extremely loud Spanish music throughout the day and night, refused to interact with Molly, and Molly suspected he was talking to other women on his phone.

Luis’s complete lack of respect for everything Molly provided him, coupled with his bizarre behavior, are what makes this scene cringeworthy to watch.

Molly used a tool to get the door open to ask Luis to leave, and he wouldn’t comply, which sent Molly into a fit. Luis eventually left, and they got a divorce.

6. Babygirl Lisa explaining that she is not going to use a condom with Usman

Babygirl Lisa and Usman
Babygirl Lisa said Usman has never had sex without a condom so she will be the first. Pic credit: TLC

Babygirl Lisa met Usman “Sojaboy” Umar online, and the two made plans to marry in Nigeria. Lisa is known for being vulgar, jealous, controlling, and toxic. All of these traits were exhibited during her time on the show.

No scene was more “ew” than when Babygirl Lisa explained to her friend that she has a secret sexual weapon for Usman. She said that Usman had only ever used a condom during sex and that she would be the first woman to let him have unprotected sex with her. She went on to say that, “It’s like I’m taking a virgin.”

Many 90 Day Fiance fans refer to this scene with more explicit terms, and her secret weapon idea has been one of the main things she said that is now tied to her public persona.

Lisa and Usman got married in Nigeria, but when Lisa got back to America, she and Usman had a falling out. Usman served her with divorce papers. Lisa has since remarried a friend from high school, and Usman is still single.

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