5 villains from the 90 Day Fiance franchise who rubbed people the wrong way

5 Villains of the 90 Day Fiance Franchise
A selection of the 90 Day Fiance stars who have earned either enemies or haters. Pic credit: TLC

There are many characters to keep track of on 90 Day Fiance.

None stick out as much as the villainous cast members known for rubbing people the wrong way and exhibiting annoying and offensive behaviors.

Americans and foreigners alike from the hit show have pulled some crazy stunts and acted in extremely disrespectful ways that have drawn plenty of negative attention.

From family feuds and domestic abuse to lie spreading and a lack of regard for the green card process, each villain on this list has done things that earned them enemies and haters.

1. Jay Smith

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson recently called it quits for good with Ashley filing for a divorce a third time.

This 90 Day couple is perhaps the most notorious in the media for their on and off again nature based on the infidelity and volatility in their relationship.

In the sixth season of 90 Day Fiance, Jamaican-born Jay committed his first act of betrayal, which set the tone for their relationship.

Days after tying the knot, Ashley caught Jay speaking with women on a dating app and inviting them over to Ashley’s house while she was at work for sex.

Jay Smith in 90 Day Fiance
Jay Smith in 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

In 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, still recovering from Jay’s first bout of infidelity, Ashley found out he had sex in the bathroom of his friend’s barbershop with a random girl who he was tattooing.

To make things worse, he lied about it until his back was against the wall.

Perhaps the most upsetting part about Jay’s behavior is that he blames his cheating and unruly antics on Ashley for not giving him enough attention. Jay refuses to be an adult and won’t take responsibility for his part in his actions.

Couple all of this with their twelve-year age gap, Jay’s trouble with the law, and the repeated financial holes that Ashley digs herself into on Jay’s behalf; this relationship and Jay’s behavior as an instigator is hard to watch.

Jay’s repeated and serial infidelity, lies, and deceit after the fact, and his blatant disrespect for his wife that has contributed so much to his being in America, is what makes Jay Smith one of the most notorious 90 Day Fiance villains.

2. Angela Deem

Angela Deem on 90 Day Fiance
Angela Deem on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

American Angela Deem and Nigerian Michael Ilesanmi first appeared on Seasons 2 and 3 of Before the 90 Days. They split and reunited. They then tumultuously appeared on regular 90 Day Fiance before ultimately marrying in January 2020.

Angela’s degrading, brash, and emasculating behavior towards 32-year-old Michael has been so toxic that many viewers cannot stand the 54-year-old.

Viewers even petitioned to remove her from Pillow Talk because she has been so annoying.

Her controlling and unhealthy way of communicating with Michael is hard to watch. She constantly held a break up, and Michael’s hopes of coming to America to be with her, over his head in an attempt to make him act exactly how she wants him to.

Michael is not allowed to speak to any females or go out with male friends and must be available to answer Angela’s phone call at any time.

She even went so far as to start a huge fight over a ringtone she was not familiar with.

Angela’s tendency to go from zero to sixty in anger towards Michael is unsettling, while her demeaning nature and berating of someone as sweet as Michael, paints Angela as a 90 Day villain.

3. Brandon’s Parents, Betty and Ron Gibbs

Betty and Ron Gibbs
Betty and Ron Gibbs on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

The Reddit world is ablaze with malcontent and rumors about 90 Day Fiance star Brandon Gibbs’ parents. Betty and Ron have been enemies of 90 Day viewers from Day 1 when Betty tried to control Russian beauty Julia Trubkina’s reproductive choices.

Not only did Betty ask Julia questions that are none of her business, but she also had the audacity to make a doctor’s appointment for Julia to get her on birth control. This was actually Betty’s first strike.

The second strike came in the first episode when Brandon casually mentioned that his parents breed dogs as the scene showed dogs in metal cages outside.

Animal activists and normal people alike were up in arms about the cruelty seemingly portrayed on screen and the “puppy mill” like conditions presented in other scenes.

Strike three came when Betty and Ron expected Julia to be a full-time farmhand while Brandon and they were at work. They scolded her when she pushes back and does not want to work on the farm.

Many fans agree that Julia did not come to America to help on her fiance’s farm, she came to America to marry Brandon, and that Betty and Ron’s expectation of work for her room and board is ridiculous.

The strikes really do go on and on for Brandon’s parents and this season hasn’t even finished airing.

But perhaps the most interesting rumor about Brandon’s unpopular parents is that they are swingers. Many sources have been reporting this rumor, and an Instagram post by @tote_the_memes sums it up.

Pic credit: @tote_the_memes/Instagram

4. Andrei Castravet

Andrei Castravet on 90 Day Fiance.
Andrei Castravet on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Moldovan Andrei Castravet and American Elizabeth (Libby) Potthast met online and were married on 90 Day Fiance Season 5 and went on to be a part of Happily Ever After Seasons 4 and 5, where they welcomed a baby girl.

Where the couple really made their mark on the show was viewers’ disdain of Andrei’s misogynistic and hypocritical behavior.

Andrei has always made a huge deal about being the man of the household, while not holding a job and living in Libby’s Dad’s house rent-free and accepting money from him.

Within this setting, Andrei preaches about gender roles in marriage while completely doing the opposite in real life.

Libby’s family really detests Andrei for his controlling and hypocritical antics and for trying to keep Libby away from her sisters and parents. Andrei went so far as to tell Libby to choose between him and her mom to be in the delivery room when their child was born.

Andrei Castravet on 90 Day Fiance.
Andrei Castravet on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

Things got even worse in Happily Ever After Season 5, when the couple went to Moldova to have a second wedding with Andrei’s family and some of Libby’s family in attendance.

Elizabeth’s family wanted to know more about Andrei’s background because they felt like he was hiding things about his past and they also went on to press him about why he is not bringing in any income.

Things got very tense around this subject and ultimately resulted in a fight between Libby’s brother and Andrei.

Andrei also uses words like unstable, dumb, and hormonal when referring to his wife disagreeing with him; just one more point to why he is seen as a 90 Day villain.

5. Luis Mendez

Luis Mendez on 90 Day Fiance.
Luis Mendez on 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

On Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, we were introduced to then 41-year-old Molly Hopkins and 26-year-old Luis Mendez.

At first glance, it looked like Luis was enamored with Molly, and that two had a strong physical attraction. However, as we came to find out, Luis folded as soon as he was introduced to Molly’s real home life in Georgia.

Luis couldn’t handle the responsibilities of being a stepdad, staying home while Molly was at work, and being a compassionate partner.

He committed a series of offenses in his relationship with Molly that ended up with him being kicked out of her house twice and out of her life for good.

Luis rubbed everyone the wrong way when he was playing pool with Molly’s 17-year-old daughter, her friend, and Molly’s brother. During the game, Olivia’s boyfriend came up and Luis creepily pressed Olivia about whether she has sex with her boyfriend.

Everyone in the room thought the question was super awkward and inappropriate except Luis. It is a cringe-worthy scene that has gotten a lot of disgusted reactions.

Molly got so fed up with Luis’s lack of interest in her children that she confronted him about why he wanted to marry her, which ended in a famously bizarre argument where Luis insinuated that Molly was a witch because she didn’t have enough religious items in her house and had a Buddha statue.

After that incident, things got so bad between Molly and Luis over his bad behavior Molly kicked him out of her house…for a month or so.

Luis came back and displayed the same behavior as before, only this time, when Molly wanted him gone, he locked himself in her spare bedroom and blasted Spanish music.

Molly ended up kicking him out a final time, divorcing him after six months of marriage and moving on with her life. Luis has since married again and is in the middle of a deportation battle.

There are plenty of 90 Day Fiance villains

In a show filled with dramatic people against a backdrop of international relationships, it is no wonder how many villains come out of this show. Lots of questionable actions, cringe-worthy moments, and bad situations come out of this franchise.

These five villains acted in such ways that have earned them a spot on this list, and they have drawn a lot of negative viewer attention. However, their presence on the show definitely makes things interesting and is part of why 90 Day Fiance is so popular.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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