90 Day Fiance couples that have one beloved partner and one that viewers hate

Syngin, Paola, and Biniyam
Throughout the 90 Day Fiance couples, there are many times when fans love one partner and hate the other Pic credit: TLC

It is a unique situation when one person in a 90 Day Fiance couple is beloved by fans and their partner is hated. This situation has come up several times across all the various spinoffs and each of the couples is memorable because of it.

From fans siding with a particular narrative of one partner and viewing the other as a bully or a bad match, to one person in the couple being overbearing while the other is passive, fans have played favorites within the 90 Day Fiance couples.

Some of the big personalities within the 90 Day Fiance couples continuously emasculate and degrade their partners, causing fans to dislike them and to support the other person.

We’ve lined up eight couples within the 90 Day Fiance franchise who have caused fans to be split about their opinion of the two of them.

1. Syngin and Tania

Tania and Syngin
90 Day Fiance viewers love Syngin’s free spirit and easy-going personality, whereas Tania has amassed a lot of haters because of her selfishness and harsh opinions Pic credit: TLC

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers feel like Tania Maduro is too demanding and abrasive towards her husband Syngin Colchester and makes it clear she doesn’t appreciate him. Fans think she is over-opinionated and doesn’t understand Syngin the way he wants to be understood.

Conversely, fans love Syngin’s free spirit and positive outlook on life and feel like Tania is holding him back from following his own dreams and has trapped him in only fulfilling her own dreams.

These situations have played out through several memorable fights during their time on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? The first time being when Tania said that she didn’t think Syngin was her soulmate, and the second when Tania started a big fight about Syngin’s aspirations not being good enough in front of his whole family.

2. Amira and Andrew

Andrew and Amira
Amira became the sweetheart of 90 Day Fiance Season 8 while Andrew became the villain for his gaslighting tactics Pic credit: TLC

Andrew Kenton quickly got labeled as a 90 Day Fiance villain when his true nature was exposed to fans after he insisted that Amira Lollysa follow through with a far-fetched plan of his making to get her to the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. He then showed no empathy or compassion toward her when things didn’t work out.

Amira felt so pressured and overwhelmed by Andrew’s manipulative behavior that she ultimately decided not to follow through with his second plan to get her to America.

Andrew’s toxic behavior towards Amira earned him a lot of haters while her sweet and sensitive nature captivated 90 Day Fiance fans who did not want to see her with Andrew.

3. Corey and Evelin

Corey and Evelin
Evelin’s cold nature and unwillingness to give Corey any of the comforts he sought has made Evelin hated in the 90 Day Fiance community, while fans love Corey’s sincere and attentive personality Pic credit: TLC

Corey Rathgeber made his desires and intentions in his relationship with Evelin Villegas very clear to her, that he wanted to get married, but she still jerked him around and displayed a very cold attitude while he was laying his heart out there.

Corey moved to Ecuador to be with Evelin and used his life savings to start a business down there only to be met with Evelin’s snobby attitude and expectations. She felt that Corey should be okay being around people she had slept with before.

Corey is still in Ecuador trying to get Evelin to marry him, and Evelin is still giving Corey false hope. Corey can only stay in Ecuador if they get married, otherwise, he has to go back to the U.S. after he built his whole life in Ecuador for Evelin.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans love Corey for his true intentions and felt for him, even more, when his father died while they were filming. On the other hand, fans can’t stand Evelin for the terrible way she treats Corey and strings him along.

4. Zied and Rebecca

Rebecca and Zied
Fans adore Zied who is laid back and fiercely supportive of Rebecca while fans feel like Rebecca takes him for granted considering this is her fourth marriage Pic Credit: TLC

Rebecca Parrott’s track record with men earned her a lot of skepticism from fans right of the bat after being married three times previously. One of those times was also with a younger Arab man who she brought over on the K-1 visa.

Zied Hakimi on the other hand, had no baggage and his adorable gestures towards Rebecca melted 90 Day Fiance fan’s hearts.

Fans think that Rebecca complains too much and doesn’t have a leg to stand on when she criticizes Zied. Zied is always supportive of Rebecca and fans really like that about his character.

Ultimately, a large majority of fans feel like Zied can do better than Rebecca and feel like, based on Rebecca’s past, she will eventually hurt him.

5. Biniyam and Ariela

Biniyam and Ariela
Biniyam’s sweet and patient personality garnered him a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans, while Ariela’s entitled and impatient nature earned her haters Pic credit: TLC

Ariela Weinberg’s general impatience with her fiance Biniyam Shibre and overbearing handling of their son Aviel made 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans dislike her.

She seemed to have the attitude that nothing Biniyam did was good enough even though he would always try hard to please her.

She was resistant to understanding Biniyam’s cultural and religious beliefs and clashed with his family who thought she was just like Biniyam’s last American fiance.

While fans had a problem with Ariela’s actions and personality, they loved Biniyam for being such a hardworking and attentive fiance and father who was trying to do his best within the difficult Ethiopian infrastructure.

6. Rose and Big Ed

Big Ed and Rose
Big Ed came off as creepy and rude whereas viewers fell in love with Rose who was trying to make her situation better but wouldn’t settle for Ed’s bad behavior Pic credit: TLC

Big Ed did and said several things that made 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers uncomfortable and totally feel bad for Rose Vega who was a poor single Filipina mother who just wanted a better life.

Ed made inappropriate comments about Rose’s breath, unshaven legs, and living conditions that really irked fans and Rose herself. He also had a requirement that she take an STD test while he said he wouldn’t take one in the Philippines.

Fans admired Rose’s candor for calling Ed out on all the creepy and rude things he had done and leaving him on their vacation.

In the time since their relationship ended, Big Ed has been accused of sexual assault, has had a very toxic phone conversation leaked in which he was the instigator, and generally been canceled by 90 Day Fiance fans.

7. Russ and Paola

Russ and Paola
90 Day Fiance fans felt like Russ did everything Paola wanted but she was still unsatisfied, and Paola sided with her mean friend Juan instead of her husband Pic credit: TLC

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield are one of the oldest 90 Day Fiance couples but fans have always favored Russ over Paola because of some of the questionable things she has put her husband through.

Paola made Russ quit his stable job and move with her to Miami so she could pursue a modeling career. Then she didn’t stick up for Russ when her evil friend Juan was attacking his character and personality right in front of him. she even took Juan’s side over her husband.

Fans feel like Russ never gets the recognition he deserves from Paola for always being so understanding and supportive, meanwhile, Paola is quick to attack him for anything that doesn’t fit her narrative.

8. Angela and Michael

Angela and Michael
Angela’s demanding and emasculating nature earned her a lot of haters, while Michael’s dedication and perseverance were qualities that fans admire Pic credit: TLC

Angela Deem has amassed a lot of 90 Day Fiance haters not only for the way she treats her husband Michael Ilesanmi but also for the way she lives her life. Angela’s big personality is vulgar, crass, selfish, volatile, and emasculating and many viewers cannot stand anything about her.

Angela’s hypocritical attitude in the way she treats Michael rubs people the wrong way, and many view her as toxic.

Most recently, Angela’s decision to get weight loss surgery along with a few other cosmetic surgeries despite Michael’s adamant stance against it, has been controversial.

Michael desperately wants to make Angela happy and do everything she says, and his dedication and perseverance through everything Angela puts him through have made 90 Day Fiance fans love him.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Sam Spade
Sam Spade
2 years ago

The reason partners are disliked is that they tend to be hypocrites – laying out one rule of law for their spouse and doing whatever they please themselves – they prove themselves to be untrustworthy and the dislike follows.

2 years ago


Janice Starr
Janice Starr
2 years ago

The 2 women I dislike are Angela and Tania. Angela gives Americans a bad name with her me first forget about you attitude. Tania is just nasty with her nose up in the air.The worst men are “big ed” old energy only wants 20’s but can’t exert the time to shave that nasty grey beard! And Mike Jesus what an ass! Thinks he’s so great Not!