90 Day Fiance: Brittany’s texts to Terence from the Tell All reveal she never intended on going

Brittany Banks on 90 Day Fiance The Single Life

During the 90 Day: The Single Life Tell All where Brittany was a no-show, text messages could be seen on Terence’s phone from Brittany where she said that she was had no intention of attending.

In Brittany’s absence, Terence was interviewed by host Shaun Robinson and he was given the opportunity to meet Brittany’s ex, Yazan.

There was a big fuss made about whether or not Brittany would show up, with producers saying they heard from Brittany that she made it to her hotel in New York but that she left at 2 am. These rumors from producers are different from what she told Terence over text.

In a text to Terence that was dated the day before the Tell All, Brittany wrote, “I really don’t have the time to go to NY. I’m actually really busy. No fr ima stop playing I’m really not going lol.”

Her texts were contradictory to what the producers were saying, but Brittany did not show up in the end.

Brittany’s no-show at the Tell All was confusing

The text messages she sent to Terence were confusing and made it seem like she had no intention of going to the Tell All in the first place.

Brittany’s diva behavior annoyed her castmates on stage and put Terence in a strange place.

Producers repeatedly told Terence to call her and all his calls would not even go through to voicemail because it was speculated that she blocked him. Terence tried texting after calling a bunch and Brittany finally replied with, “What’s up.”

Producers then had Terence call her, and she finally answered. Terence brought the phone on stage so Brittany could talk to Shaun. In Part 2 of the Tell All next week, viewers will watch the fallout from that conversation.

Terence and Yazan gave the tea about Brittany in her absence

In Brittany’s absence, Terence answered questions about his relationship with Brittany and more. He revealed that Brittany recently had a boob job and that they were broken up. He said that she jerked him around and would pick him up and then put him down. Molly’s boyfriend Kelly said that she put him in rotation.

Terence also dished that Brittany was moody, selfish, and a bad communicator.

When Yazan was talking with Shaun and Terence, Yazan said that he only ever kissed Brittany, contrary to what she says, and that he was attracted to her because she was so different from him.

90 Day:The Single Life is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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