90 Day Fiance: Ben Taylor and Akinyi Obala married again — This time in the US

Ben and Akinyi 90 Day Fiance
Benjamin Taylor and Akinyi Obala from 90 Day: Before the 90 Days appear to have married in the United States. Pic credit: Akinyi Obala/Instagram

90 Day Fiancé stars Benjamin and Akinyi, who are appeared on the third season of Before the 90 Days just got married for the second time in the United States.

90 Day Fiance viewers caught up with the couple last year in an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined.

Ben and Akinyi revealed they have maintained their long-distance relationship during the coronavirus pandemic. Benjamin Taylor remained in the United States with his son while Akinyi remained in Kenya.

The couple met on a dating app, and Ben left Arizona to travel to Kenya for a shot at love. The couple survived their cultural differences, including the infamous bride price debacle as the American tried to convince Akinyi’s family to take her hand in marriage.

The unlikely pair settled the bride price dispute and married in Kenya. However, the Before the 90 Days couple’s marriage is not legally binding in the United States. Therefore, the couple will have to use the K1 visa process for Akinyi to legally enter the United States, giving them three months to get married.

However, Akinyi revealed in a 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined episode last year that she is in no rush to get married after she appeared unaware that Ben had planned a date for their wedding.

“I feel like Benjamin is rushing with the marriage,” Akinyi told cameras. “I want to wait the full 90 days to get married because I don’t know what kind of life I’m going to have in the United States. I want to learn different things and get comfortable and he’s rushing me when I feel like I don’t want to be rushed.”

The Kenyan reality star made those comments in an episode that aired in May 2020 and it appears that Akinyi is not only ready to wed Ben but she already did. Here is everything we know.

Ben and Akinyi got married in Arizona

While the couple appears to be keeping the marriage under wraps, several 90 Day Fiance bloggers have acquired a wedding invitation showing that the couple tied the knot on April 10 in Arizona.

It is unclear whether the couple is filming for 90 Day Fiance but they appear to be keeping their marriage and Akinyi’s arrival in the United States off social media. Some 90 Day Fiance viewers suspect Akinyi’s Instagram photo, which was published in January this year, was taken in the United States.

“Looks like the Queen is in the US,” one comment reads adding “Its too hot here in Africa for the sweater she’s wearing.”

On the other hand, Benjamin posted a photo of Akinyi last month for International Women’s Day but it was a throwback photo from their time together in Kenya.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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